Sunday, May 17, 2015

Rainy season almost upon us

The past week has remained humid and uncomfortable for many of us. The wind periodically changes direction; sometimes a few drops of rain fall; we all need the rain!I think many gringos prefer rainy season for many reasons. It is a little cooler and often less humid; everything stays so green and lush; the air feels less heavy; it is a good reason to stay in and goof off!

The pool temp reached 35C and has now dropped to 30 degrees. I test with my elbow every day - it has been so like the baby's tub. Not at all refreshing. No crabs or frogs right now, but they will come - they always do. We were warned on our first year here to beware the rains - all the little creatures would be seeking higher ground. And they did!

My plans to whip home for medical appointments etc. are completed. Sorry that Chris is not coming again! However, he will be maintaining the house while I am away, in case it sells. We visited Berta the other day, and got our usual boost. She is so positive and delightful - another pal I will miss very much. We got in one card evening the past week. We are now Master Wizards in our own right, and I will buy this game as soon as I find it in Canada.

All cats are present and correct this past week. Scruff is turning into quite a beauty, and Tobi remains sweet and pretty. Lucky still loves us to death and is all over us when we are outside. The kittens are growing like crazy - really adorable and how we would love to cuddle them. Fredi moves through life on her own terms - aloof, but close by. Our own two remain active and healthy - little do they know they will be travelling a huge distance sometime soon.

A couple viewed our office furniture today and are considering purchasing it. Interest in the house should show soon with the price drop. The dollar exchange has eased a tad, but not enought yet. I predict no big gains and expect the status quo to remain for the rest of this year at least. The couple who came by today are planning to start a property management business along with high cost house sales. Some new competition! I wished them luck.

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