Sunday, May 10, 2015

Much activity, changes, confusion!

Sorry to my Constant Readers, but I have been so up to the ears in Internet activity, and with frequent failures of the get the picture!

I had arranged for our house here to be rented for a full year, and we were busily packing into storage office items etc, when Chris announced a few mornings ago that he wanted to cancel the whole shebang. I briefly considered strangling him, but thought a nanosecond longer and changed my mind along with all the carefully planned bookings and arrangements! It took me days to complete the plans and a couple of hours to undo the lot!

I'm not a happy camper, as they say, but his rationale was sound. So, we have now placed our property here for sale with a local agent who charges 6% across the board (highway robbery), and as per my usual summer move, I am off to Canada for an extended visit in June. I will be expecting a pacemaker replacement sometime in the next several months, and will await that. Staying with my daughter number 2 may proved hazardous to her health, so I may seek a rental suite. Lots to arrange once more. We are totally serious about returning to Canada now. Getting older and missing family is a huge part of this decision, but also paradise is not always all it is cracked up to be either!

Meanwhile here, the weather is trying to become rainy season with little success. We had two terrific thundering storm days at the end of April and the entire Azuero peninsula added to the ozone depletion with its collective sigh of relief! Short-lived...we are now back to dry, humid days with temperatures over 90 degrees F, and our pool measures a baby bath temperature of 35 degrees C. So, still watering a few times a week, taking a daily bath in the pool to rinse off the sweat, and waiting.

All 10 cats have been around the last several days. Fredi and brood await their morning meal with cries of 'hurry up', Lucky and Scruff have returned from their holiday elsewhere, and Tobi has fully adopted us as her saviours. She loves to sleep in the guest bedroom, but leaves with no protest when we turf her out. The kittens are over two months now, and really lovely little creatures. Very active, and having a whole whack of fun on the cat tree.

Mitzi loves watching them and has no hostility if one comes into the house...Cagney simply ignores it all. I will miss this lot when away! The entertainment value alone is worth the price of admission.

A few days ago, our septic tank/field backed up and all three toilets flooded. What a stench! It took Chris a long time to clear all this, then we waited a few days to get someone to pump out the tank. Nasty bastard charged us $330 to pump it out, then left it half full and said he need another $280 to return to complete the job! I'm waiting to get a Spanish speaking pal to confront the s.o.b. My Spanish is limited when it comes to threats and anger!

As I say, paradise often leaves something to be desired! Despite saying that, there are many times we have loved being here and wouldn't trade this experience for anything. We had our fling, our last kick of the can, and now can become the perfect grandparents we should long as the family wants us back. LOL? The friends we have made here are the biggest loss, and we hope we don't lose contact with them. Not that anyone should worry, we aren't leaving imminently.

Fredi and one kitten

A typical napping day

Lucky and Scruff

All four at once? Maybe three...

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