Sunday, May 24, 2015


Today, light showers with thunder; lots of lightning at night, but have we reached rainy season? The wind is changing for sure, but everything remains so dry! The humidity is driving us all nuts...

All cats are present and correct - the little ones are getting so much bigger, soon they will match their mother for size. They are so skittish, and so beautiful. I long to pick them up and stroke their little selves. Mitzi goes crazy twice a day, especially if one of the older kittens gets in the house (usually Tobi). She's quite a laugh, but absolutely wacko! We do relish her mad moments, and I just sing "Wild Thing" and laugh along.

We have had three enquiries this past week about our house. One nice couple from Georgia took a look and declared the house lovely, but no offer? The others are out-of-towners dealing with agent Jon from afar. Fingers crossed, even though we will lose a whack of moolah.

The exchange rate is around 80% right now; still not good for us, but better than 70% or less, for sure! We budget on a monthly basis now. In Canada, we expect  to be more settled and financially stable. No debts would be nice!

With our pals Tom and Theresa here for a couple of weeks, we are lapping up ice cream from time to time. A delicious treat. Tom loves his ice cream - we should coat him with time moves on slowly enough, and yet the weeks roll by quickly, and we are getting impatient for the next phase of our lives together...I'm supposedly off to Canada in mid-June, but would delay three weeks if an offer arrived on our Monday morning doorstep. Hint!

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