Sunday, May 31, 2015

Rain? What rain?

A week of pleasant weather with only a couple of brief showers . Temperatures hover around mid-eighties with humidity at 64% or so. Rainy season is yet to arrive!

Last Wednesday we spent a pleasant visit with Tim and Cathy - floated around their pool with a drink, enjoyed a delicious lasagna with salad and buns, then laughed ourselves silly again playing Wizard. Tim won both games (as usual) and although I held my own in the first game, I sank miserably for the second one. I will buy that game on my next trip home! Then to  find some crazies like us to play...

On Friday, our TV decided to play silly buggers, and kinda packed in.  The day before the FA Cup final at Wembley... AAAAGH! Chris whipped off to Smiley's Restaurant on Saturday morning to find the game not on. He asked John (owner) about it and John even went home to get a USB thingy so he could watch. Chris was the only spectator there, and managed two beers to accompany Arsenal's great 4-0 win over Aston Villa. Two years in a row - next year, the Cup and the League title boys!

That same evening, we were off to Ted and Tina's to help celebrate Cathy's upcoming birthday on Tuesday. Nice wine, Ted cooked thick juicy hamburgers, and Texas beans (yummies) and there were salads, chicken wings, twice baked potatoes, buns, breads, and finally cupcakes. A tasty dinner and good conversation. Just 10 of us, but a pleasant time for all...

Up at 4:30 am on Sunday, we drove Tom and Theresa to the bus in Chitre. They are back to Toronto after a whirlwind visit of barely two weeks. I will miss  them - Theresa and I have lively and deep talks. So, a new week starts, and the word is that the folks who looked over the house may be truly interested. The price is bargain basement, and anyone buying stands to make a whack of money within the next two years! If all went well, Chris and the cats could be winging home along with me in July! I am looking forward to this coming trip. It may be a long one, depending very much on what the Cardiologist tells me.

The garden here is slowly recovering from its beating. Needs that rain steady over several days to truly look good again though. The way everything grows once it rains regularly is almost miraculous. I swore last year I could hear the plants straining as they stretched!

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