Thursday, June 18, 2015

Long time, no see - sorry!

My mind often seems to be elsewhere, and although I mentally compose a new blog, I haven't sat down to write. Sorry, Constant Reader...mea culpa.

I kinda think rainy season is here, but cannot be sure. The weather and the wind seem to change almost daily. A week back, we had terrific thunderstorms over a few nights. One seemed to hang overhead for hours, and kept us awake a lot of that night. The grass is loving this! Coming in fresh and bright green, and plants are growing, not withering. We are trying to get the dripping shower for the pool fixed, and it is (as usual) taking a lot of time. Our builder has agreed to fix the septic field after a few calls from our lawyer! Apparently they never installed a leach field...what d'ya know. So this should all get done before we get that offer...

Otherwise, life trickles on, me never knowing what day it is, and Chris busily maintaining all. He likes being busy - retirement suits him fine, but he loves his "busyness" every morning. Those afternoon dips in the pool are smashing...the only way to fully cool down. In a few weeks, I will be off to Canada for the summer visit plus various medical appointments. No return ticket yet as I have no idea when I can come back.

Panama living never really is as beautiful, calm, yet frustrating as ever! We heard  our favourite shopping mecca, El Rey in Chitre, was to close, but then discovered it is actually moving over to where the Novey is. Two visits to favoured shops in one go! The US/Canada exchange rate continues to alarm us with no indications of any changes. Makes life a whole lot tougher for us Canadians with pensions! Still, we manage to feed those precious cats - all ten now! Our own two, Fredi and her growing brood of four gorgeous babies, plus three from earlier litters. Time to get the act together and neuter the lot! Animal Advocates here has said they will help us.

Chris' hat makes a comfy bed...

Is that a camera again?

Belly up to the bar, boys

No fighting...although the space is a little tight

So, onward ho - there's nowhere to go but up! Ciao...

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