Saturday, March 28, 2015

Quiet much?

All round, a quiet week.  We started filling the pool on Tuesday and are now impatient to finish. At this time of year, water conservation is very important so we have avoided making a big drain on the supply (no pun intended!). It is very attractive and photos next time...

The garden is slowly recovering from its windswept battering, and with the first rains will spark back to  life very quickly. I have noticed how fast plants grow in rainy season - it is remarkable. Soon, most of our shrubs will be cut back so the new growth has room to rise. Strange how many gringos prefer the rainy season. The whole country looks better, that's why.  It is greener, fresher, prettier when there are rains and the cattle fatten up a little (they are lean anyway).  The temperature isn't much lower and if it weren't for the flies and biting bugs, we would love the rain more. The rain here is so warm, you never need a coat and I rarely use an umbrella - I brought two with me.

We spent most of Friday in Chitre. First I visited a lab to have my blood checked.  Just walked in, told the fella I was diabetic and required a CBC and HGA1c and all was done in a few minutes. Told me the results would be ready at 1pm. Cost = $35.00 and no Dr. order required. I even managed it all in Spanish! Then we were off to Super 99 for some of the groceries, especially cat supplies, shampoo,  and sundries, followed by our monthly visit to Rey for their produce and meats. Ate our lunch at the mall, then trotted off to Novey which is a marvellous store, similar to Do It Centre, but cleaner, less crowded with shelves, wider aisles, better signage and a number of English speaking staff.  There we found another hose, some drastically reduced hand towels and facecloths, a new drying rack, and some other small bits and bobs.  I could spend all day there! Collected the lab results and headed back home mid-afternoon. A quick stop for gas, and at the local Super Pedasi and we were done! Long day, but fruitful in all ways.

Earlier in the week, we walked to Andromeda to stop by Bill and MareyEllen's place.  Perfect length walk with just a small incline going there. Our beach walking is down to nil, and without the pool exercises, I think we both feel a need to get going again.  I wrote the penultimate chapter of my novel today and after a week off, will continue with the editing. Time to get this baby out of here!

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