Saturday, April 4, 2015

A lively week!

Last Sunday we spent a happy hour in our revised pool. So glad to have it back, and I still know how to swim after all!  It looks really beautiful, and very designer-like as Steve promised. Been in there every day since and started our pool exercises once more:


A great start to an interesting week as it turned out.  Tuesday was a busy day with collating our tax materials and sending these to Canada to our accountant. We reduced the asking price on this house at the Agent's, and came home to find Fredi had somehow transported four adorable and evidently identical tawny coloured kittens to our cat B&B!  They were frolicking under the first palm by the pool, as happy as kittens can be.  Fredi sat amidst them contented and relaxed. Oh, boy - four more to try to neuter! How will we ever catch this lot? As she did with her previous three litters, they are esconced in the drainage pipe that runs around the pool to drain patio overrun, and dart back in there at the slightest hint of nerves. These are absolutely lovely little guys and gals, three being so identical we can barely tell them apart and one having slightly more noticeable ginger stripes. They are very lively and have been a source of much laughter from our bedroom window which is how I film them.

Fredi is keeping all the other cats at bay, and hardly leaves the area. Over time, she will relax and no doubt the whole lot will be playing with each other soon.  I would dearly love to find homes for all of them and be sure they are all spayed/neutered. Lucky is one of the most loving cats I've known and would make a great pet.

Fredi in the background; the stripy one is mostly hidden

As any regualr reader of this blog will understand, I have spent much of  the week monitoring all these little guys and refilling food and water dishes! I am slowly but surely becoming the cat lady I predicted, and this is truly Casa de Gatos!

We are well into Santa Semana (Holy Week) so the development is so quiet you could hear a pin drop. We all avoid town on these holidays and stock up on groceries ahead.  Easter is more of a festive  time in Canada, with most of us holding special dinners. Not so here - it is a religious festival. At one time in my life, I dressed myself and the three kids in new outfits to attend the church services at Easter and we always went for a pancake breakfast afterwards. Memories! None of my children or their families attend church regularly despite all those years of Sunday School and the junior choir, and to my chagrin, none of my grand-children are baptized. This being a mostly Roman Catholic country, the church is central to village life and our little church on the square is filled each Sunday.

Our local church before the Royal Palms were cut and new ones planted

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