Saturday, March 21, 2015

Slight weather change! And pool ahoy...

Internet connections are still off and on, mostly kinda off.  Electricity has settled for now with less interruptions, but who knows what will happen next?  One sure thing abut living here is that you never know what to expect from day to day. Life is very exciting as a result. Not. The wind has definitely calmed a great deal, and although it is very hot, the more subtle breezes are helpful. Some of the garden is even recovering already:

Our patio clock shows a typical temperature and humidity as well as the time

These have grown a little since being planted

One of the new hibiscus plants

Another colour of hibiscus

Some of our hedge is more than double in size already; other hedging looks dead!

The pool received its second coat of paint on Monday, then Dario, from Paradise Construction set to work with the tiling project.  He worked over 10 hours - all day on Tuesday -  and completed the job in his usual thorough, nifty way.  Looks very for the water this coming week!

Dario at work - no grouting yet

The completed effect...matched beautifully!
The existing tiles from last year's installation are porcelain, therefore expensive at $50.00 a square foot, so we have used smaller, non-slip, composite tiles that cost less than half, and match as good as it gets. It'll be good to have the pool back...

March 17th, we helped celebrate friend Tom's birthday. No green beer or clovers for any of us! Marilyn made a delicious cake with ice-cream topping (Tom loves ice cream!) but we needed to eat fast before it all melted.  The rest of the week was quiet, just the usual cat fussing, the Gatos B&B working to capacity.  No sign of Fredi's new litter yet! Our Kitty Inn remains popular with a few local pusses - clean beds, fresh food and water, even a sanitary bathroom, cleaned daily. We are looking for help to capture three "girls" for the upcoming spay/neuter clinic which comes to Pedasi next month. The price is right, and the surgery is minimalized for both sexes - less trauma! None of the three cats want us to pick them up, so how to corral them?  "Help control the pet population..." said Bob Barker...yup, we're trying!

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