Saturday, February 14, 2015

Carnivale once more...

Just when the wind dropped for about a week, and I thought our garden might survive after all, back came the high winds.  It isn't cold, and the evening breezes can be refreshing, but this all day and night blasting of the coast is too much, folks!  Watching the huge waves, and the breakers is entertaining, and I am sure anyone brave enough to try surfing must be loving it, but there is a limit for the rest of us.  We even lost a tile off our roof last night.  You'd think this was March coming in like a lion...

I took this pic from our bedroom window this morning:

Don and Connie say they saw a pod of whales the other day.  No humpbacks here yet (they are in Mexcico according to my sources), so I am curious to know what kind they may be.  We will watch more closely for the coming week.  An Egret has been visiting us almost every day for over a week. It struts sedately about, sometimes pausing to wach something, then wanders off out of sight.

There are over 900 species of birds in Panama (more than in the whole of North America), and I have glanced through that bok on Panama birds I bought Chris, but so far identified only a few of the more obvious species.  There are Wrens, Grackles, Egrets, and a colourful yellow and brown pair I cannot quite find in the book.  We also have seen some kind of raptors, along with vultures. Panama is in a unique position for wildlife and birdlife being at the juncture of the two Americas.

Our little vsiting cat family will grow again soon.  We have been unable to trap Fredi, so she is due to produce any day now, with a huge tummy!  This will be her fourth litter, and of about ten births or more, only three of her offspring are still around. We have known Fredi since she was a tiny kitten. Momcat disappeared months ago, and now we rarely see Spaz, her last kitten. Our goal of neutering these cats is not going well!  Only Lucky is fixed so far. The latest two kittens from Fredi are now four months, with Ginger disappearing a while back.  I caught a photo of Toby relaxing on our patio...Chris would love to tame, spay and keep her!

She is a unique colouring - all brown tabby with a bright orange tail tip and one ginger paw.

Our social life has slowed with having less money to spend.  But friends Tim and Kathy had us for a tasty dinner a week ago, and we played "Wizard" with them later in the week.  This is a newer card game, and good fun.  Tim wiped tke floor with us all, to Kathy's annoyance!  I spent a pleasant Saturday afternoon last week at neighbour Marilyn's with a few ladies.  Lots of chatter, and good vibes.  We also borrowed a DVD of "Burlesque" from Kathy and found this a good movie. Cher still has those great pipes and Christina Aguilera is one helluva singer (and dancer!).

Carnivale starts today, with Mardi Gras on February 17th.  No stores open, all businesses pretty much closed, and we definitley have no plans to go into town or visit Las Tablas which has the second biggest Carnivale in the world (after Rio).  It tends to be a big drunken bash with folks  urinating on houses and plants, the police hosing everthing, and everybody, off, and thick crowds of revelers.  Not our style!  I would like to catch some photos, but no way!

I have found a recipe for crepes that looks even better than the one I already have, so I am ready for Shrove Tuesday or Pancake day as we called it in England.  No whipping cream in the larder, so we will forego that.  So, bring on Lent, and in ix weeks it will be Easter.  More partying, groan!

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