Saturday, January 24, 2015

The joys of casual living

The winds continue most days, with some lessening at times.  Any plants in direct line with the winds are suffering a whole load - they look as though they have already endured the entire dry season! We water, but are careful to not be wasteful. We are resigned to losing many hedging plants, at least one palm, and our gingers will be setback in places.  Such is weather in Panama...

Our outdoor visiting cats must have found another source of nutrition, as they are more and more infrequent.  Spaz disappeared for over 24 hours, and we feared he had been harmed in some way.  We miss his all-day presence on the patio when he goes.  Little Toby still arrives faithfully for his two meals, but Fredi hasn't been around most of the past week - probably another pregnancy blooming. Little Scruff also comes and goes, who knows where in the daytime.  So, we have from one to five visitors now.

Mitzi will never grow up (hopefully); she remains a live wire of activity, loving to chase us, nip our feet, steal our shoes, ruck up any rugs, pinch my jewellery and so on...Cagney observes from whatever height he has found, and makes no comment. He loves being petted, patted, and cuddled - when it suits him, of course.  Typical cat!

Several of our development neighbours dropped in on us this past week.  we like these spontaneous visits, and usually share a beer or cocktail, and chin-wag for hours.  It is time for us to entertain once more - sadly, the dreadful exchange rate is affecting us severely, and money has become even tighter. It will take a few months to pull out of the Christmas spending!  I even cut back this year on gifts - not the number, just the cost.

Fuel remains at an all-time low everywhere, including here.  Grocery prices seem stable right now, and the cost of living here may not have risen in the past few months.

This coming week, I will be in Panama City to attend a Warden's Conference, courtesy of the Canadian Government and the Embassy.  There is a concerted effort afoot to register all Canadians living out of country, in case of emergency or other catastrophe.  Authorities need to know who, how many, and their location if evacuation is ever necessary.  This is a voluntary act on my part, and my focus initially will be to urge all local Canadians to register with the Canadian Embassy in Panama.

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