Sunday, January 18, 2015

Suffering gardens

I hardly left the house this past week!  Unusual...

Our drying north-easterly winds have been harsh for the gardens.  Our plants are looking as distressed as they usually are by May!  The strong winds seem to have arrived earlier than usual, and are unrelenting.  We have had a few days with nice breezes, but with the salt-laden battering, we notice the bougainvillea, the red gingers and some of the hedge and smaller trees are suffering.  Watering doesn't help, but a refreshing shower to wash off the salt is useful.  We hope all can recover with the next season, or we will have some empty spaces to deal with.

I sometimes think I'll never keep up with dusting and window cleaning, so we are going to try a young couple as cleaners once per week.  Chris is a great help around the house, but he has enough to contend with on the outside.  He scoops the pool daily, vacuums it about every third day, mows the lawn in rainy season, edges it, rakes leaves from that big tree out back, weeds, waters etc. etc.  Even with the simple irrigation system installed, there is still some watering to tend to, such as the lawn areas.  He never complains, but gets really hot!  In fact, he is happy to do all this, as he never had time when working.  Now he works even harder, like many retirees...

I keep busy with that novel I am supposed to be writing.  It is going slowly right now, and I have about half to go. The anemia and abnormal blood counts are making me tired, and I rest every day for  a while. Daily naps are a healthy choice, but I often cannot actually sleep.  Never mind - I enjoy the opportunity to read quietly with my feet up!  I am often joined by Mitzi, and sometimes Cagney curls up with us.

Our new neighbours are comfortably esconced next door.  Their dog is very quiet, even though still a puppy.  No cats seem to have noticed his arrival.  We were off  to visit with Bill and MaryEllen early in the week and unexpectedly got invited for dinner. Bill made two "beer can" chickens plus mixed veggies cooked on the barbie - all delicious - and a guest had brought rice pudding for dessert.  We haven't had rice pudding since we left Canada.  I must make some soon.  It was so good.

Well, Constant Readers...that is about it in a nutshell this week. Ciao...

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