Sunday, January 11, 2015

Dry season and the Trade Winds

Daily gusting winds greet us every morning.  Mostly clear blue skies throughout the days, and sometimes the wind lets up a little towards evening. Watering is important for the young plants, and with our newly installed irrigation system - quite a primitive one, but effectual - we have some help.  Chris waters the grass a couple of times a week, and hand waters some of the more vulnerable plants. The palms enjoy an aerial spray too, to rid them of the salt spray.  The winds seem to be early this year and some plants are suffering from the unrelenting assault. We are needing to top up the pool about every other day now.  Pool temperature is running around 29C.

We have had several drop-in visitors once I declared myself fit again.  I still cough off and on, but I'm not infectious. We met Val's mum from Edinburgh (now lives in Victoria, BC) and she kindly invited us to stay when in her area! Sad to say, Pierre and Beth's lovely standard poodle, Diablo, died just after Christmas.  We were near tears!  He was a lovely dog, and only 6 years old.  Some of the part-time residents are here to escape the cold, snow, heavy clothes of their northern is remarkable how you just don't miss shoes, long slacks, sweaters and parkas!

Mitzi is enjoying something, maybe the wind. Her racing, jumping and nonsense has increased.  Cagney plods on and probably still thinks she is crazy. Our outdoor cats have diminished by one with Ginger not showing up for over a week now.  Toby and Scruff have been disappearing every day, but come running at mealtimes. At three months they are pretty adventurous...

Scruff curled up with Fredi


Toby washing

I had received some more charms from my grand-children, and their dog as Christmas gifts.  The bracelet was started by one of my daughters in 2013, and now looks:

My new bracelet, thanks to family!

I enjoy wearing the bracelet, but am fearful of losing it! Maybe I can get a guard chain. So the year is now well started, and we have many small improvements we wish to make plus I would like to do a little travelling around the country. Sadly, our Canadian dollar is still lowering and finances are tight!

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