Sunday, January 4, 2015

Yet Another New Year!


2015 - isn't it unbelievable?  OK, maybe not, but I marvel at the passage of time...

After a two-week vacation in Canada, I am back to resume so-called normal function as a retiree in Panama.  This means staying busy, but still enjoying the marvellous weather, the lazy days, the slowed pace, the humidity (!), my writing, and the pool.  Thank goodness for that pool. It is humid+ once more, and those afternoon dips are so welcomed! The landscaping is mostly done with some details to finish, and the peace with no workmen is marvellous.  The folks next door moved in while I was gone, and as predicted are quiet neighbours. They are still busy settling and finishing landscaping, but no undue noise. Even their delightful dog is cooperating.

My time away was too short for much added visiting, but I met with everyone in my family.  The grand-children are as wonderful as ever, and I am sorry I cannot share their photos online, because they are the most lovely and handsome brood a grand-mother could wish for!  My two daughters and son are all well, working hard, and I love them as much as ever. Seeing family is always special, and this visit was very good.

I managed a luncheon with a friend who will be moving to our development this summer. Ray is a neat guy from Chilliwack, BC and treated me to a tasty lunch and a lot of chatting!  He may build here soon, and he will be a welcome addition to the mix of folks here. I also had a fantastically good luncheon with some Networking friends from the Fraser Valley, and Marilyn treated us to a home-cooked meal to delight the senses at her house in Maple Ridge, BC.  Unfortunately, I was the only one who couldn't clear her plate due to the cold virus I managed to catch while away.  It is a nasty bug with a persistent, hacking cough that will not go away. I apologize to all who were subjected to hearing me hack!
The Ladies Luncheon
Ray and I
I "cooked" Christmas dinner for my son and his boys, as they were alone that day, and despite the quick preparation, it wasn't too bad.  The little boys are not fussy, and told me they loved me! I had a Christmas Eve dinner with my  son-in-law's family, and that was another delightful meal and evening. On Boxing Day, my older daughter treated us to turkey and the fixings, so I managed to have my fill of turkey all told! Staying with both of my daughters was a heartfelt experience - they treated me well, and once more I was reminded of the true meaning of family and love.
Back in Panama, it is surreal with this hot weather in the middle of our NA winter.  I'll never become accustomed to this. The cats (when around) are all galloping, playing, eating, sleeping, and sleeping, and sleeping!  Lucky is a no-show many days now, Ginger has been gone for a few days, and now Scruff is gone too.  The outside cats vacillate!  Indoors, Mitzi and Cagney are still loving and faithful - besides, I won't let them out.

Yet another bed for Cagney

Mitzi found another ladder to climb...

So life goes on for us all.  I hope all my readers enjoyed a family-filled holiday, and that 2015 proves to be one of the best years yet for everyone!  I conclude with a recent shot from our patio that epitomizes the peace of life for some of us...

A December sunset from our house

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