Saturday, December 6, 2014

Rainy Season takes a final blow

We have had a lot of contrasting weather this past week!  Hot, humid, steamy, and bright sun to full-blown thunderstorms, and the usual raging river past the door...our patio was flooded twice, but amazingly when the sun comes out it is gone so fast.  The cats have been confused as to whether they should shelter or play.  Today, while the rain poured down,  the three kittens curled up with Spaz in one of our cat carriers on the patio.  When cleaning up last week, we deliberately left the two carriers open and available, and they are getting used from time to time.
The little ones are now two months - no takers at this point, so I may as well name them.  The tabby one has become Toby, the light ginger one will likely remain Ginger, and the brindled one could be Scruff.  We have no idea whether they are boys or girls as we cannot get near them right now.  However, soon we will find a way to capture all three and deliver them to our vet for neutro/neutra!  We still need to capture Spaz and Fredi for the same treatment...wish us luck.

Ginger and Toby

Toby, Ginger, Scruff

Scruff, Toby, Ginger

Ginger and Scruff

The garden is virtually done.  Chris has been busy carting all the "stuff" on the patio along the path, and is now attempting to organize it all.  Not his strong point.  Having denied me a Christmas tree this year (he picked Mitzi out of the tree several times when I was away last year, and it looked pretty ragged when I got back home!), he volunteered (I swear) to put up decorative lights.  He took a fair time yesterday outlining the casita roof, having to replace one string that refused to light after it was up.  Looks ok at night.  Now to tackle some other areas.  My suggestion is that since I bought white lights only we should leave them up year round.  They can be used with parties, evenings on the patio, and just to help light the yard.  Clever? The big tree has its lights up and looking really great when on.  They light up the whole patio very nicely.  Pals Stan and Val gave two thumbs up to what we have done so far, and Bill and MaryEllen like the overall look.! Thanks for the encouragement, guys...

Our new patio 
The casita

With OPECs boo-boo over oil prices, we are reaping a benefit here.  All gas is below one dollar per litre, and diesel is around 0.81 cents or so.  Remember this is USD.  Grocery  prices seem to be holding, and the newest threat is a huge increase in electricity prices in the New Year - 19%? Who are they kidding?  And we even had 18 hours with none one day this week.  Good job I bought a decent supply of candles.

So, the final month of 2104.  Wow, where did this year go?  I am about halfway through my novel (first draft) and it is going slowly.  As of Nov 15th, we have been in Pedasi for two years.  Lots of good and bad stuff, and we can still laugh.  Some marvellous friends, a paucity of enemies, and my Spanish is passable.  Progress.  Next week I will be off to Canada for two weeks.  Look forward to that.

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