Saturday, November 29, 2014

Pedasi life...

We were off to Ponchalos on Monday for lunch with Bill and MaryEllen.  They both have had colds and are finally socializing again.  Once more, Chris and I enjoyed the quesadillas, while the others had a Ponchalo burger, which is huge and can come with french fries. Jimmy makes good meals and we almost went Thursday for his turkey dinner, but Chris has driven to Las Tablas and Chitre for six days in a row now, and another trip seemed one too may!  On Tuesday we attended a doctor in Las Tabas, recommended by Jimmy.  Dr. Solis is a thirty-something youngster, and after talking with Chris prescribed him medication plus three cortisone shots for his sciatica.  After almost five weeks, Chris finally called "Uncle"!  Needless to say, he is feeling much better and we hope the pain has been conquered.  There is no treatment left - unless you opt for surgery and I doubt Chris would be offered that at his age.  I asked the doctor about y prescribed medications, and was told they are ALL non-prescription in Panama.  Off I trotted to the pharmacy next door to get prices, and found I would save very little by buying here as we have extended benefits in Canada, so it all comes out about the same. If one had no Canadian benefits,costs would be about half that of N.A.  Our problem is that we are unsure how much our present plan would cover.  More to be said later...

I booked my rental car for my next trip and will be setting up to have my Canadian insurance agent provide insurance coverage at half the cost Hertz would charge!  Another good piece of information.  Our friend Tom, from Toronto, has been visiting, and on Friday the three of us were off to Segretos for dinner.  Another great meal!  Myrko (the owner) visited with us to show us cell photos of his newborn twins; they arrived November 9th and the couple weren't sure whether they were having twins as her ultrasound couldn't clearly identify two babies.  They are identical girls and daddy is over the moon and so proud.  They look beautiful!  His mother has been visiting from Italy (Milan), and she introduced herself and we tried some Italian...okay we know arriverderci, signora, ciao, and maybe two or three more words!  She was delighted to meet all of us, but has to return tomorrow to go back to work.  We now understand how Myrko learned to cook so well!

Back at our casa, the shed is now completed with door, fan and light and outside lantern all in working order.  Chris is starting to organize his belongings so he can set up his outhouse.  A young fella was putting a last coat on the patio today.  I'm loving the colour.  So little left to do now - we plan to add to the plants as time goes by.  With the irrigation system in place, we can put in some more plants even in dry season if we wish.  Privacy is still a huge issue for me, plus I don't want to view the entire garden all at once, but to create areas/rooms which reveal themselves as you walk about.

All cats are thriving.  We have put out the word about our adorable kittens but nothing positive yet.  They are so sweet and all are pretty little guys/gals, just shy for now.  Weather-wise, we had brisk north winds all yesterday and again today.  The Trades are changing direction so within a few weeks, dry season will officially be here.  The humidity is rising as are the daily avoiding the change.

The tabby kitten playing

Contented mother and her three kits

Mitzi found another ladder to climb!

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