Saturday, November 22, 2014

Changing weather? Cats at Casa de Gatos...

Changeable weather lately.  The sunny days are marvellous, usually with a breeze, lower humidity, and the pool temperature around 30C.  Rain is not heavy when it occurs, and all too soon, there will be no more rain for about 5 or 6 months.  Our new plants are slowly growing and hopefully putting down strong root systems to sustain them through dry season.  We have a simple irrigation system that cost relatively little and that covers front and back plants and trees.  It will make periodic watering much easier in the coming year!

There has been less social activity lately, but with the festive season approaching, that will change.  We had hoped to entertain at our house before Christmas, but our patio will not be ready I think, so we will delay for the New Year  period.  So slow!  The door is finally going on the casita this weekend - maybe - and most plants are now in.  More gravel is required to finish the back of the garden, and we plan to find some bushy flowering plants for closer to the house.  Privacy is going to be a huge concern for me.

All cats are thriving!  Cagney has decided to be super loving and can drive me to distraction with his demands. He sleeps on the bed some of the night, but thankfully does not lean against my legs.  Mitzi, on the other hand, loves  to curl up close to legs, and even her small weight can be felt.  Chris gets very restless when she chooses him, so I get her the rest of the night most of the time.  She is warm but tiny enough I still sleep.  Fredi is more relaxed about her babies, now that they are 7 weeks. They eat some kibble each day and have taught themselves to use the kitty litter. Clever little dears.  They are ready for adoption and we have put the word out.  We need GOOD guardians, please.  The three wee ones are very active now, climbing and exploring, play-fighting, romping, and have discovered the toys I have left outside for them.  All kittens are so endearing!  Spaz wants to play with them,but they are all wary of him.  Lucky still cuddles up to us when he can.  He would make a great indoor or outdoor pet - only 6 months! We need desperately to catch Fredi and Spaz for "fixing".

Prices have stabilized somewhat lately.  Diesel gas has dropped to around 85 cents per litre (good!), and groceries have not increased lately.  Our very big concern is the exchange rate for Canadian to US currency.  It now costs us around $350 to $500 per month in exchange costs alone!  We never calculated THAT into our budget before coming here, and it is like burning cash.  Makes us think twice about living here.  My original budgets indicated a monthly savings of around $1000 and we have never seen that!

However, when all is said and done - we are enjoying our location and the relaxed lifestyle.  Having the pool, the beaches, the garden, and some very pleasant friendships sustains us!

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