Sunday, February 22, 2015

Busier, still hot, and we're broke!

A much busier week just passed. We were invited for hamburgers at Don and Connie's, and along with Bill and MaryEllen, enjoyed an excellent meal (as always when Connie cooks!) along with stimulating conversation.  Connie even made my favourite dessert - key lime pie. For someone who never eats dessert, Connie can surely prepare the best-tasting stuff! The next day was as hot as ever, and knowing our pool is still empty, Bill called us up to come and jump in his.  That was grand and a very welcomed cool-down. A quiet time talking and we were off  home, cooled and ready to make dinner.
On Thursday we met with Tedd and Jon of Panama Equity and listed our home for sale.  It seems to have come so quickly - the decision to return to Canada, but the market here is slow at present, so it may be some time before we really leave.  Many feelings involved in this decision, but we have discussed this fully, and on many occasions, so it is with agreement.  The next day, we had been invited to Tim and Kathy's for dinner and cards, and spent the first hour there enjoying their pool. Kathy made an excellent pizza - marvellous crust, and full of veggies.  Best we've had in this country. We are going to become addicted to "Wizard" and since Chris actually won the second game, he is wired to go head to head with Tim (a very good player) again soon! Kathy also makes a delicious dessert which she tells me is very simple.  It has a cracker crust, with pistachio pudding, and cool whip, with a cherry on top. Light and very good. I need that recipe and will share it with my daughter who loves to bake, maybe both of them!

When we arrived home from Tim and Kathy's, there was a huge possum devouring the rest of the cat food outside.  I have never seen such a fat boy! I tried for a photo,but he moved much too fast for me.  I did manage to catch the beautiful moths/butterflies all over the wall of the patio:

Our weather remains windy, often less than gale force, thank goodness, and hot (over 90 F many afternoons) with a fairly high humidity (over 70% most days). It's a wonder I don't melt away. I drip from my face and head like a faucet!
Our cats survive all this very well. Cagney never grew his undercoat this year, so he seems to keep cool, and Mitzi was born here and has so much energy, nothing would stop her.  Toby and Scruff come almost every day for their meals, and sometimes we still see Fredi (she looks as though she has had her kittens and when she turns up she is ravenous).

Toby loves this spot for her naps

Scruff wants to cuddle with Lucky

Other than being invited out, we have done little due to being short of cash right now. Some big bills next month so we may be down to KD and beans on toast. At least I still have my oatmeal for breakfast - a start to the day I cannot give's that Scots blood from my grandma.
Next week will likely be quiet except it brings payday, and that means bills to pay and shopping to do. At the beginning of the week, we expect Steve back to begin the painting and tiling of the pool. Maybe water in another week? Life flows on...

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