Saturday, October 11, 2014

Outhouses and dance floors...

Another week passed observing the erection of our "outhouse".  Almost time for a roof now.  We plan to select the door ourselves to be sure we get what we want.  We already requested the window space be made larger.  Once done, with some landscaping around it, I hope it will look as though it belongs in the garden.  Never too soon to be finished as far as Chris is concerned- he has lots of our stuff to store!  The patio area is an absolute mess with mud, tools everywhere, and unable to be swept or hosed down.  The "dance floor" still requires another coat of paint, and then Chris and I plan to seal it as suggested by pool builder Steve.  He will back here in the New Year to paint our pool again. Now he thinks we should tile the entire pool with those gorgeous porcelain tiles he used around the edge. We're thinking on it, and need to know how much extra dinero needed!

Our Casita rises and the berm is completed

Those three palms are surviving

Patio / dance floor

My novel is moving along - slowly!  I've done a first revision and may need to do more revising plus edit thoroughly.  From its current length, it will be a novella rather than a novel.  Probably chick lit!  I have a sequel in mind, and am eager to put my ideas down, other than in a scribbled version.  On Monday, Don and Connie are hosting a Canadian Thanksgiving dinner - thank goodness for Connie and her so excellent cooking!  If we have key lime pie for dessert, I will worship at her feet!  I'm in charge of buns...maybe I'll make something from scratch?  Go, Martha!

Chris had his root canals done with no ill effects.  Thank goodness!  Bigger bill this time though.  Still more to go.  Today, Stan and Val biked past and stopped to cool their feet in the pool before heading back to their home.  Then Naomi and Jay from lot 46 dropped by to say hello, and to tell us they too are from Texas, but not gun crazy or cowboys!  Seem like nice enough folks to me.  They said they are viewing unfinished homes (sent round by Pedro) and gathering ideas for their own project.  The house next door is in the finishing stages - putting in the kitchen today.  Just a few more weeks, and we will have neighbours.

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