Sunday, October 5, 2014

Garden activity goes on...

So, another month ends and October sails in with sunrises and sunsets gloriously displayed.  Much less rain than we expected last month, but it may be different these next two months!  November is traditionally the wettest month in Panama, or at least around Pedasi.

Sunrise, October 4th

Sunset, October 4th

The week was busier with much worker activity in the back garden.  Three Adoneida palms were planted near the big tree (for wind shelter plus privacy), and the path beside the house was laid.  They re-used the path stones that were once our front entry. Looks nice.  Then at the end of the week, two men started on the storage shed...

Palms and finished patio...needs more paint yet

Beginning of Casita

Progress is being made, and although it isn't exactly what I asked for, it should be functional and I hope, attractive.  There are several more plants to be dug in, and we intend to have a local fellow build louvered doors for the pool equipment and water storage areas.  There is some more grass to be laid, and the large areas of rock and stones to finish. We really are trying for lower maintenance!  If there is any money left over, some new patio furniture may materialize. Our neighbours may be in their home by the end of the month, and we know they have a few gardening plans, so all in all, we hope for an attractive little stretch here.

As for the cat situation?  Cagney and Mitzi continue their behaviours; generally one lively and another livelier!  We saw little of Fredi this week, and she appeared yesterday looking decidedly slimmer so somewhere there are a few newborns.  No sign of her today.  Lucky and Spaz have been very active, chasing, climbing, playing.  Someone else may be feeding our foster kids as they are eating much less right now. Opportunistic little devils!  We managed to get Lucky off to a vet clinic on Wednesday and now he cannot father any little ones. Cost was $12 by donation. I would have preferred full neutering for him and Spaz, but the clinic did a vasectomy on the poor little chap as part of population control. He was so wobbly when he got home, walking like a drunk feline, but recovered quickly and appears to have no ill effects. Friend Paul helped to get him to the clinic and brought him back.  Spaz turned out to be impossible to catch.  Now we need to work on getting both Fredi and Spaz decommissioned!

Dinnertime for Spaz and Lucky

Chris had stitches removed in his mouth on Wednesday and another tooth removed with much less trouble.  Another $50 or so.  Another appointment next week, likely for root canals.  He is bearing up well thus far. So a new week starts with soccer on TV today and no real plans for the week.  I have had to phone a local chap to come and look at our malfunctioning fridge (again), and managed very well in Spanish as he speaks no English.  Proud of myself, and feel confident using the language whenever I can.  We were out for dinner at the Sport Bar on Wednesday evening and met up with lawyer Bertha who has become extremely busy these last few years.  We also saw Tom Gibbs, one of the owners, and a couple of Panamenos. The restaurant needs a little attention, such as friendlier service and food that is hot or cold as required!  Our mousse desserts were not set. Tom kindly did not charge us for the dessert, and instead we shared his day late birthday cake!  The owners are terrific fellas, and we would like to see them succeed as they have good prices and the menu is small (it varies day to day), but tasty in general.

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