Sunday, September 28, 2014

Extraction time, and planting time

Mauricio's berm takes shape
Quite an uneventful week with a few high notes.  I am all booked for my Christmas trip to Canada except for car rental and where I will stay.  Air fares are always higher at that time of year, so it is costing about $300 or more than the summer trip for airfare alone. Darn!  Only two weeks to be away and so many people to see again, and adding in the shopping, wrapping and three medical type appointments, I will need a vacation in the sun when it is done.  Back to Panama then!

Chris had just one extraction this week,  It took the periodontist over two hours to get his darned tooth out - it was bent at the root, and his anaesthetic started to wear off near the end which necessitated more injections.  Poor Chris.  Having some pain, a little swelling, and his appliance fits too tight with the swelling right now.  Stitches out next week and the second extraction to be done. Cost was $60.

The back garden proceeds slowly right now.  Mauricio seems to be very busy with projects, which is fine with us.  He and some pals are working on the patio (looks the size of a dance floor!) today, and will start our casita early next week.  Soon we'll have the dance floor and an outhouse to brag about!  I look forward to the flowering shrubs etc.  The portulaca around one side of the pool is spreading like crazy already.

Gravel being added to patio area

Three holes for palms

Mitzi has found a new way to torment us.  When the toilet roll gets to about half size in the powder room, she starts to play.  Chris had to chase her the other evening as she ran off with her prize which was almost shredded when he got it back.  Nothing like huge teeth indentations to give your roll a distinct look!  New toys appear on our bed some mornings after she has dug through the cat toy box, and this morning Chris was glad it was daylight as she dropped a large hairy thing on him. It was a larger "rat" that the cats have always loved to toss about and chase.  He said he would have had a fit if that had landed on him in the dark!  I would've screeched, no kidding.

A rare event - Cagney and Mitzi curl together

September is almost over...perhaps the worst part of retirement is the way time skids past you, barely giving you a chance to say hello even.  October can be a beautiful month in BC (if there isn't too much rain) but here, we should get more rain, which will be very nice for the new trees and plants, but less fun for us.  At least it isn't cold rain.

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