Sunday, September 21, 2014

Watching for those whales

So, despite my annoyance over seeing so few whales thus far this season, they came out for a brief show yesterday.  We were watching a cruise ship pass, and saw a few blows in the foreground.  Sure enough a few of the behemoths were out there to prove to me that all is well in whaledom.  Some of our neighbours who live closer to the beach have seen many more than us, so we have taken to sitting on that front patio more afternoons, sipping our favourite ade or mix, and all ready with the binoculars.  Only a few more months before they leave.  Perhaps this is a low count year?

Mauricio, our Colombian gardener, continues with his work.  He gathered a few cronies after their day was done at other houses, and over the past few days, completed the small retaining wall at the front that was required after the sidewalk went in and left our grass hanging in mid-air.  I plan to see if our development will pay the $150 needed to accomplish this, as it is their fault that the wall was necessary!  This coming week, Mauricio says our cement patio should be done.  We talked about colouring the cement today, and I hope he remembers to do this for us.

Our home-grown pineapple tops

The small retaining wall (needs finishing yet)

Portulacas Mauricio added by the pool

All the cats are eating well, and our "adopted" two are flying about the house like another gale is heading our way.  Even Cagney (who is over 7 years now) has been jumping and skittering lately.  Mitzi just never slows down, and since losing her green ball, has discovered a multi-coloured one achieves the same goal of being chaseable and fetchable!  A few nights ago, they caught another small gecko who could not escape even after shedding his tail, until Chris rescued him.  Of our "foster" cats, Spaz is slowly becoming more approachable, Fredi comes and goes (looking very pregnant right now), and Lucky accosts us if we are outside.  He wraps around our feet and legs, and will not give up until thoroughly and completely fussed over. He is highly adoptable, and if we don't keep him after he is neutered, we may seek a home for him.  I would miss his funny little personality.
All the gingers have grown lovely coats since we have fed them, and they look sleek and content.

Cagney found yet another napping spot (in my office)

Lucky watching the wall get done

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