Saturday, September 13, 2014

Time marches on with our lives

After a quick walk around the garden, I am satisfied that so far this season we have only lost two small hedge plants, and Mauricio will replace these on Monday.  He and I chatted about the plans for gravel in a large part of the back garden; it will be punctuated with different coloured gravel in beds, as Mauricio argues this will give a better appearance.  I allowed him his fantasy and will go along with most of his suggestions.  He will return on Monday to do a little more for us.  As I was completing my mini inspection, I was accosted by that loving little guy, Lucky.  He would not leave me alone until he got a lengthy and thorough petting!  He is one of the most affectionate cats I have ever known.  We hope to get him and Spaz to the neuter/spay clinic in Las Tablas on October 1st.

Stan, Val (lot 25), and Val's sister Claire and husband Dave from Surrey, England stopped by for a visit this morning. What a load of laughter these four brought to our day!  Hilarious, and typically English.  We have decided we will invite the foursome over for a dinner soon, and perhaps a game of charades or some such silliness.  Should be a fun evening.

Last Thursday, Chris had his final consultation, this time with a periodontist who will be pulling two of his teeth on our next appointment.  So far, about $100 or so spent and more to come.  We will send consultation letters and our own note to our Canadian Medical Plan and may receive some reimbursement if approved.  Chris badly needs the work done as eating is becoming more and more difficult with the loose bridge, ill-fitting appliance and some "rotted" teeth!

The weather has been much cooler and less humid this past week as we get deeper into rainy season. More rain fell over the past several days, and although it tends to drain away quickly, it is sadly needed by crops,cattle, and our garden!  My only complaint is that the biting insects persist - I look as though my arms have been attacked by ferocious animals.

I note prices seem stabilized for now; we have found there is no shopping in one store here.  We visit at least three, sometimes more when we do grocery shopping as one needs to price compare, and find our needs in more than one place.  We call it a day out, have lunch too, and enjoy the excursion with no requirement to hurry.

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