Sunday, September 7, 2014

Gale force winds?

Last night was a doozy!  We were woken by the racket...high winds battering the house, slanted rain depositing grass clippings all over the windows, gurgling noises, creaks and groans (that was me getting out of bed).  I previously mentioned we had too little rain; guess someone heard me up there, because today it is coming down, not in buckets, but more like a continual sprinkler.

A few more small trees were brought over and planted by Mauricio at the end of the week.  We now have an avocado and orange tree added to the mango and lemon.  Two years until fruit!  They seem so tiny now; it is difficult to visualize how big they will get over the coming year.  Wonderful to see progress being made.

We have several houses nearing completion in the development and a few more to start with dry season.  We have met most of the new neighbours, and as before, they are a mixture of backgrounds and all pleasant.  We were out for dinner twice in one week with several neighbours.  Last Tuesday, we spent time at Segreto with twelve of us attending.  The restaurant can only hold twenty persons, so we were the 'in' crowd and quite noisy I fear.

Back at the ranch, we puttered through our usual week, some cleaning, some gardening, some swimming, lots of reading, watching movies and a good sleep every night!  Chris had yet another consultation at the dentist - this time with an endodontist, and appointments have now been made for the work to start.  Last night we watched "Don't Mess with the Zohan" (I think that was the title; in Spanish it often is different to the English title!)  Anyway, Adam Sandler was at his best, and the supporting cast was a offence to any ethnic group, but the stereotyping was hilarious! Sandler hit the nail on the head with this one.

Cagney and Mitzi spent this morning chasing ecah other - the wind got up their tails!  Our gingers were a bit fretful, but Lucky and Spaz finally found their morning meal and are now sleeping. No sign of Fredi yet. So, yet another week in 'paradise' comes to a close...see you soon.

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