Sunday, August 31, 2014

Dry season versus rainy season

Another pleasant week.  Here we are at the end of August, wondering once more where the time went.  It seemed like such a long month, then its over!  Weather has been marvellous overall.  Enough rain to keep the garden green, the cattle watered, and the temperature below 40 C.  In Canada (British Columbia), the kids cannot return to school after Labour Day due to that damned strike - again.  Three times in six years, parents and their kids are held hostage by the Teacher's Union.  The government is ineffective in long term resolution, and I recognize once again why I found Canada so annoying!  The teachers are too militant for today's world, and need a reality check.

Meanwhile, our garden has a hedge planted on three sides - tiddly right now, but give it a few rainy seasons and it will be huge.  Two small fruit trees are in, with two or three more to go, then the large patio and casita, and finally shrubs and flowers.  It will be simple, hopefully low maintenance, but attractive with shade and least that is the aim.  We use the pool several times a week, dependent on its temperature!  I dislike being less than 30C....chicken?  Yup.

Chris was off to his new dentist on Friday, expecting lots of work to be done, while I shopped judiciously in Chitre. Picking him up, I found he had yet another consultation, this time with pricing for the options he has, referrals to two more dentists (one for extractions, another to an Endodontist).  We can spend anywhere from several hundred to a few thousand!  Some of the work is not optional as he has one massive infection in a molar, and he will require a new appliance once that one is gone or fixed.  Looks like he has many months ahead of him!

By the weekend, we were ready for something different.  Friday evening, we spent a delicious and merry evening with local friends as The Sport Bar, eating fish followed by mousse, all washed down with beer, wine or cocktails. For about $30 per couple, a great evening.  Thanks to Beth for the planning!  The next morning we were off early to the plaza del mercado in town to attend a fund raiser for a new group formed by some expats here.  Animal Advocates of Pedasi (Defensores de los animales de Pedasi)  started recently with a goal of neutering and spaying the many homeless dogs and cats wandering town.  A wonderful aim, and we fully support their efforts.

So, to return to the statement I started with:  rainy season has cooler temperatures with less humidity, less fierce winds, enough rain (sometimes too much!) that there is no need to water, multitudes of small biting insects.  Dry season never rains so watering is necessary, has hotter weather and more humidity, no insects, strong winds at times, reliable weather for plans....hmmm.  Hard to decide.

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