Saturday, August 23, 2014

More landscaping begins

The cooler weather is most refreshing, and Chris appreciates it as he continues with the gardening.

Chris clipping the edges

 We met with Mauricio again this week, and decided to start on the back landscaping as soon as he can.  Some dinero changed hands, and so far, over 300 bush "babies" have been delivered along with a Mango tree. One of Mauricio's men has worked hard the past two days, planting those little bushes every 18 inches or so around three sides of the property.  They cost $1.00 each and the same again for the labour involved. Believe me, this looks like back breaking work!  There are three more citrus trees to come, and then we wait until the next phase which will probably be the large patio under our even larger tree.

Epiphytic orchids in the tree finally bloom

The back garden "before"

Chris also started his dental work this week. He has a lot of issues that have developed over the last several years, and has not seen a dentist for two years now!  Time to change that....we stopped at a dental office a few friends use in Chitre, after our shopping trip last Monday.  Expecting to make an appointment, surprisingly he was seen right within minutes, and a consultation completed.  "Dr. Eduardo" suggested panoramic xrays and a cleaning to begin, and Chris went Wednesday for that.  Cost so far, about $100.00. In Canada we get back 50% of much work done, sometimes more, but I suspect the work required may add up to less than we would pay after our extended plan kicks in.  I shall keep tabs on this. Anyway, Chris has five cavities, and needs a new bridge or partial for the lower teeth.   He may require some root canals.  Dr. Eduardo was waiting to view the xrays in detail.

The week continued quietly, all normal for us, until Friday evening. Scanning for a movie to watch, we discovered that BBC HD had "Last NIght of the Proms" running so settled in to thoroughly enjoy a brilliant concert with the traditional favourites and lots of nostalgia for us.  This particularconcert is always so well done, the music is marvellous, and the fun and craziness in the audience worth watching too!  A wonderful way to end that week...

As for the cats - all five are doing well, looking healthy and amusing as ever...

Fredi and Spaz napping
Spaz cuddling with Fredi

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