Saturday, August 16, 2014

Variety is the spice of life

Mixed weather all week.  Some rain and clouds, a few days of sun and heat, less humidity, and the eternal growth of the garden and grass.  Chris is mowing about every three days now, and the lawn is the pride of Casa de Gatos.  It seems we may start on constructing the back jungle in about a month.  Any later would not be so good for the necessary start the plants will need.  Privacy and shade are our main concerns. The pool continues to delight, and I am back to my exercises and swimming.  Not every day now, but enough in the week to be fun.  My settlement with British Columbia's ICBC insurance for that car accident claim took less than a month, and I am feeling fine!

The three gingers have definitely adopted us.  Fredi remains aloof, and we fear another pregnancy.  Spaz and Lucky are growing like the grass and weeds.  Lucky enjoys being fussed over, but Spaz is true to his name.   Long legged and full of vigour, they race about, climb trees, explore every nook and cranny.  Their stalking and pursuit of a lizard last week was most entertaining, but they lost that one!  Even with Fredi's help, they just could not corner it. It used the pool at one point; just dove in and took off across it.  Three ginger cats raced after it, only to stop dead at the edge. Chris scooped it out and they were all off again. Otherwise, they appear to be very quick and are likely good hunters.  No little offerings outside the doors, thank goodness.

Cagney is more affectionate than ever.  This varies with him, so we offer back all the loving he wants when he demands it.  As for Mitzi, she is still such a delight to observe.  When she and Lucky meet either side of the glass doors, and both urgently scratch and paw to get at each other, their desperation is hilarious.  If they should meet, wonder what would happen?

Life in Panama is stable with no more price increases lately.  So far we have heard little about the new government, but since we don't read local papers, maybe it is all changing about us and we are simply oblivious.  That's retirement for you.  I am deep into the first draft for the novel I am writing and need to complete this, because the next two drafts will be much more work with revisions! Chris actually enjoys the maintenance of the garden and pool.  Surprise, surprise!  He says having time to do this is such a relief.  Today Premier League Football  began it's season (British soccer) and he is like the cat that got the cream.  See everyone next June?

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