Sunday, August 10, 2014

How to be normal in Panama

Greetings, Constant Reader!

A good way to start a new week....we are watching Arsenal Football Club play for the Community Shield at Wembley Stadium in London.  So far, at half-time, Arsenal are winning.

The past week was pretty dismal, but the lower humidity level was very welcome.  Friday was a gorgeous day and I was in the pool for only the second day of that week.  Everything is green and flourishing with the consistent rain; all plants and trees grow so quickly in rainy season, you almost can feel it.  I'm sure most plants are growing inches a day. Our lawn needs cutting about every three days right now.  We are having a bit of a delay getting our back garden started, and will go one plant at a time if necessary so we can take advantage of this fast growing period!

The ginger cats are loving the cooler weather and race and tumble all over the lawn after their breakfast.  You would think they were starved when you watch them attack the food we offer twice a day!  They look healthy and sleep well too. We haven't seen Momcat for about two months. Our two continue to be a source of fun; Mitzi never lets up with her hilarious antics, and Cagney has his mad moments.

There seems to be little news from our new government.  Everything is as slow as ever. We get concerned about news from overseas; this is not easy to find, and the Internet is a huge asset.  I pray for a solution in the Middle East, but realize I may be grasping at straws. The economy in Panama is taking little hits, but nothing like many other areas.  Our gas is around the same as a year ago, groceries have climbed a little, services cost about the same.  Not a popular move. Interest rates here are high - 7.25% on loans at a minimum.   Some restaurants have raised prices, especially on beer!



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