Saturday, August 2, 2014

The way to NOT rent a car when travelling!

Part 3...

To continue the tale of my trip....while I was still greatly enjoying those visits, the movies, the sharing, July arrived along with even better weather.  Our Canada Day was gorgeous and hot!  I trotted off to Mission's Heritage Park for the annual visit to booths, dog shows, hay rides, morning pancakes and sausages (courtesy of Rotary), the pipe band, and all the family fun.  I made a new friend when Theresa and I shared a table for breakfast, and I will be in contact with her again. We joined to photograph ourselves as firemen and Mounties, watched the Flyball and Agility Dog Show, and finally waited in the shade awhile to cool off.

Norma Kenney House and Blackberry Kitchen at Heritage Park

Agility Demonstration

Mission Pipe Band

I saw my doctor to get more good news about my bi-annual blood work, and collected all those darn prescriptions he subjects me to.  I support part of the Gross National Product with those bills!  Thank goodness for extended care benefits, or I would be like many seniors and unable to afford the drugs.  By July 3rd, I was comng into the last week of my trip, and needed to visit a local mall to  pick up an item.  On the way there, a young woman ran a left delay light and smashed almost headfirst into my rental car!  OOPS! No airbag deployment due to the angle, but my seatbelt felt like it had crushed my chest.  I was in agony and furiously upset; I could barely move.  It took time, but with firefighters, police and EMT, I was maneuvered out of the half crushed car and taken off to Abbotsford Hospital.  It was a busy day due to the heat, and the elderly with issues over this, so it took over three hours to process, xray, ultrasound, and examine me, but I was declared fit enough to leave.  Oh, yes....there had been much laughter with me and the various attendants, and holding my chest together so I hurt less, was the least of my worries.  My face was a sight - my mascara had run with tears, and I looked like a Hallowe'en ghoul!  My daughter and son both helped me get back to my other daughter's home and my sweet grand-daughter made me peanut butter toast and tea to help the falling blood sugar.  I give eternal thanks for my family!

A clown, but a great cook!

Local beauty!
The end of this particular "adventure" was that the other driver was held 100% responsible for the crash, which left me not owing anything to the rental company, who were most helpful, by the way! I had declined insurance for this trip (not a good idea) so sweated bullets for a day over how much I may have to pony up! So, no car for the last week, and again family stepped in to get me to my doctor, to a physiotherapist, and finally to the airport for my first class ride back to Panama!  That was a long day with two flights and a 4 1/2 hour bus ride complete with the loud music, and everyone packed in like sardines.  Didn't I say I would not do that again?

Did I enjoy that trip - darn tootin' I did!  Now back and into the rhythm of Panamanian life, I look forward to getting our back 40 fixed up.  We will know within  the week how possible this is.  Mitzi continues to play fetch, Cagney purrs and lazes around, and we have three "adopted" gingers as regular residents.  Life moves inexorably onward...

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