Saturday, July 26, 2014

Thunder and lightning

Today, the skies rumble and I see jagged spears arcing toward the ground around our area. Maybe it will rain. And, then again, maybe not. Many mornings start looking ominous, and by noon there is bright sunshine in an even brighter sky of blue! So goes rainy season.

To continue with the saga of my vacation, so called: once that first weekend was over, I started the appointment attending routine. I attended the pacemaker clinic and saw my cardiologist on Monday. In-between the appointments, I had three hours, so whisked off to IKEA for lunch, browsing and a little spending. The doctor informed me that despite all being well (she was delighted with that weight loss!), I needed to stick around for a stress test. She was adamant so I agreed, knowing I would now have to change flights and ensure I still had somewhere to  stay! The family was fine with me staying another week, so I went online to book flights to Panama. I had cleared up the farce of my trip to Canada with Aeroplan, who kindly reimbursed ALL my points, and with the hotel that sent me a FULL refund. There are good folks all over the world! So, booking my flights, I came across an upgrade offer I simply could NOT refuse. For an added $75.00 I could fly FIRST CLASS. I always upgrade to economy plus with United, but for the same additional cost, I could have much more. WOW! All this served to cancel out that bad beginning...

Tuesday, was face the dentist day - no issues,  no problems, just a cleaning required and another checkmark. So far, so good. I attended the local lab for my blood work, and saw my family doctor with yet another A+ mark. With just the stress test at the end of my stay left, I was able to meet up with some special friends; some I hadn't seen for two years. Lunches, teas, movies followed and I have never talked or listened so much! It was delightful to see everyone, and I only wish I could have made contact with a few more.

 I watched several World Cup games, caught up with some favourite TV shows, saw more movies on TV, and had some healthy laughter. Just a small glitch - at one point, my chequing account became severely overdrawn as a double payment was processed by mistake! It took about three days to  correct.

The weather became more and more sunny each day, and I was really enjoying the trip!

to be continued

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