Monday, October 20, 2014

Gnash and chafe and wring

Lots of teeth gnashing, chafing at the bit around here this past week as the back forty improvement drags on!  The casita seems to be taking absolutely forever.  We could build a whole house quicker than this in Canada. NOT!  Anyway, the roof should go on tomorrow and Mauricio says the casita will be done next week.  Maybe Chris can keep his blood pressure down a bit longer?  As to the rest, perhaps one more week to finish the patio and plant the bushes...dreamer, aren't I?

The casita will have its roof soon

Our week started very pleasantly with a delicious turkey dinner cooked by good pal, Connie. We talked about why we felt thankful, made a few toasts, and were still all in bed before 9 pm.  A good evening with Canadian friends.  Trev and Val  skyped us from Victoria and showed us their two Shi-tzu dogs, Maggie and Riley.  They are very like my daughter's dog Cooper.  It is always a pleasure to speak with friends!

The rest of the week flowed past in a dream, at least  for me.  Chris as my beta reader is going very slowly on his read of my novella.  I think it is not really his cup of tea.  Bit too chick-lit for him?  Anyway, I have begun some more revision, but lots to go before I dare submit to an agent.  That should be good for a few laughs as the pink slips roll in.

Our weather is cooler this past week, with more rain, less humidity.   While visiting at Bill and MaryEllen's place, we heard a loud crack, and saw a big tree split and fall.  It was tragic.  We had been waiting for an oncoming storm which had these enormous dark grey clouds rolling off the ocean, and we expected a storm to beat the band.  It bypassed us, but the following wind was something else, and that brought the tree down.  A little later there was a cloudburst that drenched everything.

All the cats are thriving.  Still no sign of any kittens from Fredi.  We delight in their antics outside - they are so nosy!  Like any domestic cat.

Spaz explores the new building

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