Saturday, October 25, 2014

Birthdays and partying

The highlight of our past week was a Costa Pedasi gathering at Limon to say Happy Birthday to one of our younger owners, Kim.  She and Kevin are building a huge house near the beach which will take two lots and over a year to complete.  They are a delightful couple and invited all the development residents plus a couple from Andromeda.  A marvellous evening of wine, beer, cakes, and friendly chatter with neighbours and soon-to-be neighbours.  I took about a dozen photos, but still missed a few folks - forgive me!  Some of the photos:

It would be nice to have our own clubhouse for these get-togethers and maybe in about a year, this will happen.  Unfortunately, the photos of the birthday gal didn't come out - no idea why.

Work plods slowly along in our garden.  The casita is into its fourth week now, with no end in sight!  Plants have been added to the garden and rocks outline the future division between grass and gravel.  Seems to be forever, and the ginger cats are quite put out about their previously private space.  All three continue to come for breakfast and dinner and the boys hang around on the weekend when we have no activity outside other than ourselves.  Fredi eats and runs back to wherever she has hidden her latest family additions.  We have an idea of where they may be, but she hasn't shown them off yet.  The must be coming up to a month by now. No changes with Mitzi or Cagney; both remain healthy and active, slightly crazy, and loving.

Chris is waiting for his next dental appointment...that should happen soon.  I'm revising, and revising, and editing my novel/novella with much angst.  It is hard to be objective about one's own work.  It may be rubbish, but I am hopeful it is a gem!  Wishful thinking, but thinking big is what this stuff is all about. I maintain a new website for my writing, plus the Conscious Aging one, plus Facebook pages.  Busy! My knitting is going  very slowly as a result.  I took a bunch of silly "tests" today on Facebook, and had some laughs over the results.  It seems I will live to be 118, am compassionate, and my middle name is Elizabeth (not), among other highly accurate findings!  I am also an owl...what a hoot.

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