Sunday, April 13, 2014

Semana Santa begins...

Holy Week for the Christian Church, Passover for the Jewish community....and in Pedasi this will mean parades and fireworks. I used to buy and/or make new outfits for the children and myself in days gone by, when church played a much larger role in our lives than since. We would go for pancakes at Smitty's after church, and serve ham or turkey in a big family dinner. And now?

I have booked my flight home for late June, and number one daughter has once more offered a bed! They are a great family, and I will love being there with all the mayhem and activity this busy family embodies. I will celebrate Canada Day in Canada again, and I am sure I will attend the festivities in Fraser Regional Park in Mission with joy, seeing old friends, having my pancakes, and maybe witnessing a citizen swear-in this year. I will have my usual doctor, dentist etc appointments, but these take little time, and I plan to spend as much time as I can with family and friends. At least, those who remember me! With luck, there will be an opportunity for a reunion lunch with high school buddies. Last year we spent three hours talking and almost forgetting to eat! Our lunches got cold.

Chris and I are very grateful for the pool each afternoon. Just as the temperature seems to be absolutely unbearable, and we are weary of the heat, we can jump into that 90 degree water and drift. Yes, it is a mite warm, but an ideal temp for a beginning swimmer like me. I can put my face in the water, and even open my eyes underwater now. A huge moment when that happened! I am learning to front float and although only seconds of this, another big step in my life has been achieved. For those of you who fear water as I did, the book I am reading and following is a must if you wish to banish your fear. I actually love the pool now, and look forward to our hour or two of splashing and relaxing. I can relax too! Afterwards, a light cocktail as we dry off in the late afternoon sun, and all seems right with the world.

Iris learning to swim

Pool Boy, Chris

We are both very tanned now, although we look a little paler in the bright sun! Who knew retirement could be such fun?

Currently, our annual car registration has a glitch. Someone has lost the paperwork that shows we transferred said registration from Panama to Las Tablas or Pedasi last without the sticker we cannot drive  as we could get impounded. Needless to say, we are carefully negotiating the back streets of Pedasi if we need any groceries, and do u-turns if we see a police car! Criminals on the run. Our pensionados were refused recognition at the electrical office because they have the word Turista on them. Everyone has the same card as us, and we should receive $25.00 per month off our bill. Yes, it will be worth the fight, and we have informed lawyer Berta of this. Also, there have been multiple electrical outages over the past few weeks; not a new problem, but they are more frequent now that the new contract has been awarded to the same company as before. They have the power - literally! The power went off the other night just a few minutes after we finished viewing "Troy". Timing is everything. To top the problems off, Chris forgot to pay the SKY bill before the cutoff date, so no TV until next week. He missed both FA cup semifinal games this weekend, and one of the teams was Arsenal! So, you see, paradise is not all it is cracked up to be, for sure!

We are getting some cracks and leaks fixed (4 months after the request) which means workers now and again at the door. One day three turned up to do different jobs at the same time. My spanish was sorely taxed that day. As curious as ever, the cats must see what is happening.

Mitzi walks UP ladders, not under them!

We have seen no sign of those kittens, but Momcat and Fredi stop by about once a day for their snack. I hope the babies were adopted! I have written a short story for children about Fredi, and rather than self-publish, I need an agent to shop this around for me. With illustrations it may be a seller! Looking, looking.....

Fredi and Momcat wait for dinner

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