Monday, April 7, 2014

A week of hot weather

Woken at 5 am by darling Mitzi, I now feel wiped at the end of the day! The little minx dropped a candy on my chest before the sun was up and demanded I play fetch for the next 20 minutes. Even after a quick bathroom visit, I could not return to sleep, and finally gave up. "Inspector Gently" is on at 9 pm this evening, so no bed until 10:30 which is way past my usual time! How did I ever manage with a job that included 5 am rising, 5 days a week, an hour's commute in heavy traffic, and finally arriving home around 5:30 or 6pm? I used to think I had to be Supermother, and what a load of pressure that was! My poor kids. Now, I rise when I want (generally early), take a nap occasionally, retire to read whenever I want, watch a late movie sometimes, and do as I darn please. Love this phase of life! I stayed up last evening to watch "The Butterfly Effect" with Ashton Cutie-Pie, so this feels like  long day...

I am a big fan of the British TV series, especially the detectives, and George Gently represents an era from my youth - the 1960's. Did everyone smoke in those days? Yup! Sky satellite TV is good here. We have excellent reception, lots of HD channels, and too many sports channels to count. Many of our evenings are in front of the television, sometimes with me knitting. (not when gentle George is on!). Most channels have Spanish ads which are driving me crazy, but there are some movie channels with no ads at all which is supreme pleasure.

The past week has provided us with heat! Many days, temperatures are climbing into the 40's C and our pool is a cool 32 degrees. It's much like a tepid bath but still feels cool after the hot air. Every afternoon that we can, we slide into the water and sigh with pleasure as steam rises around us. The weather here has been highly humid each May that we were here, so thunderstorms will likely start next month, but no rain. I so love watching storms over the ocean; it is a visceral delight!

We have seen no sign of those lovely ginger kitties for over a week now. Fredi visits every day, and Momcat comes by most days, but there are five kittens somewhere out there. We have looked in many hiding spots, but see nothing of them. Friend Marilyn celebrated her birthday last Tuesday with a delicious cake from a new bakery in town. Homemade carrot cake with lemony cream cheese frosting - to die for! I had my Spanish class on Wednesday (not giving up!), then we were off to Paul and Marilyn's again on Saturday to join four other pals at the compound where Paul and Marilyn rent. A pasta, salad dinner and a very companionable group. We talked until it was dark. The builders of Paul's house are starting on its roof, and the house may be ready by August.

Paul & Marilyn

Robert & Lolita

Bill & Debra

Iris & Chris

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