Monday, March 31, 2014

Windy, warm, and wild

I have decided to return here...not the same without this site!

We have followed the development and growth of Fredi's kittens with interest and joy. They are a charming trio and so lovely, lively, and full of fun. Sometime during Saturday night, Fredi decided to move them from their comfortable spot on our patio. Away from the food and water source, and the toys and comfort. We have no idea where she has taken them. There go my plans to adopt them out to good homes! We have looked in some of her previous hiding places, but no sightings.

The weather has become very windy. Our flag stands straight out every morning, and the wind does not always drop in the afternoon. Days are very warm, temperatures reaching over 40 C by mid afternoon. Thank goodness for the pool. We usually have our swim around 3 pm and sit in the late afternoon sun after to dry off. That is followed by Happy Hour which has been on the patio lately.We have seen a few whales lately which is not the norm, and cannot identify their type. While visiting with Don and Connie last Saturday, we saw a large fella blowing offshore some distance. When there are whales, we will be back on the front patio for our afternoons!

Becauseof the dryness, the fields are going browner by the day, and many plants look bedraggled from the salt-laden winds. Some of our neighbours are planting, which Matt the gardner told us is unwise. He says it is hard to keep any large plants or trees moist enough for root setting. We note that the couple behind us are using a lot of water to maintain their new plants until rainy season. We are waiting anyway until we have the cash we will need, and hope to plant the back garden once the end of June rolls around. The way this year is drifting by, that won't belong!

Thankfully, we are both well. I have no allergy reactions here (for which I am grateful!) and any arthritic pain has slowly disappeared. Another vote of gratitude to the Universe. Both cats are thriving and seem happy. Mitizi still practices for the Feline Olympics with her magnificent leaps, and is ready to audition for commercials with the fetch games. Cagney plods on through life, apparently contented, purring and doing what lazy cats do. Retirement here is all one can hope for, and if you can ignore the electrical outages (too frequent for my liking), and the occasional water issues, the dust (construction beside us!), the waiting for services, and if you have AC, then this is for you!

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