Saturday, March 1, 2014

March comes in...

I don't know what happened where you live, but here, March came in like a lamb. Slight breeze, already 30 degrees Celsius at 9 am, and a clear sky. I wonder if the old saying applies in the tropics? While North America can anticipate beautiful weather by the 31st, what can we expect? Our pool is presently empty, awaiting another coat of paint on the insistence of the builder. And are we ever missing it! Who thought I would ever say that...I was really enjoying my swimming improvement and feel a set-back now. We just swelter some days! Thanks goodness for AC.

Mitzi has taken to following us around the house a lot. She loves to run ahead and hide, waiting to pounce or do her "attack cat" routine which consists of hopping sideways on four legs with arched back. Funny to watch, but hard to catch on film. We have seen very little of the small ginger cats lately. Momcat and Daddy-O come by, but no sign for almost two weeks of  Fredi, Ginger or Lucy! I'm a bit concerned. We've searched around the area a bit, but they must hide well in the daytime.

Carnivale started at the end of February with Mardi Gras falling on March 4th. Pedasi's town square is closed off with many beer tents and food sources everywhere, and there is probably noisy partying late each night. We live far enough from town to not hear this! Sometimes I think we live in a cemetary or Death Valley, it is so darn quiet here. Not to complain, as the local town is really noisy with traffic and horns, dogs barking, roosters crowing, parties and so on, according to Cori who lives on the main drag! For a small village, this is one busy place.

Beach walking is still great, although we have done less than usual since Christmas. I've tried out my bike, but need courage to brave the road to town. It is not a very wide road and though paved and smooth, there are many twists which could prove dangerous, even on a fluorescent pink machine! Cori says she fell off her bike three times before dumping it.

We've done little the past week other than enjoy a huge chicken dinner at Casita Margarita with Bill, MaryEllen, Bill also and Debra. That dinner cost us about $15.00 including three beers, and the leftovers fed us two more meals! The owner, Ted is way too generous. Other than my Spanish class, I was busy finalizing the galleys for my next book, approving all and agreeing to a marketing campaign. "Postcards from Panama" should be available in about a month. Then I can move on to a totally different topic. With the intention of continuing this blog, I will  cease to publish on blogger, and keep the Go Daddy site open. The address for the blog will be: as it has been on Go Daddy to date.

So, for now, goodbye to blogger, and I shall likely be back occasionally for an update! Thank you for following, and please transfer to the other site.

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