Sunday, February 23, 2014

The short month has been great

Little to report from the past week.Somehow, the days go by, and suddenly it's Friday again! Bill and MaryEllen dropped by for an afternoon of cervesas and chit-chat. It is always good to see them, and now they are finally in their house, we share more on buying furniture, discovering errors, getting repairs done, and pressuring builders to complete the darn place. We like their home with its big windows and the layout is perfect for entertaining! Later in the week, we visited with Geri and Ralph once more. Their little gathering proved fun, with much wine, cheese and various snacks. Chris came home and fell asleep.

My book was off to the publishers a week or so ago, and I have already received the first galleys for the cover, and now the revised version. All approved so far. Now, I await the interior galleys which will take some time to review. A bit more time, and it will be on the shelves and online. I'm eager to start something different, and am gathering ideas. Meanwhile, I intend to continue this blog as it gives me pleasure too, and is a record of our life in Panama. Whether another book about Panama will come about remains to be seen. I still plan to develop two talks about Panama with accompanying PowerPoint pics.

Mitzi definitely received some of Bogart's soul! She too loves to take my brushes and hair accessories off the dresser or counter in the bathroom, is very curious about water, loves her toys, and is a devil when I make the bed or change it. I used to lock Bogey out of the bedroom when I changed the bed, or I would take all morning! Cats are so interesting, and certainly no two are the same in my experience. I believe I have had 17 cats in my life so far, plus a few that only stayed a short while. What a story they make. Cagney has started to hang around us more again. He loves attention (on his terms only), and purrs like crazy when petted. He should shed all that winter hair soon, poor boy. We make good use of the Dustbuster then!

Mitzi at one year

Spanish classes progress, and I think our little group of five is doing quite well! Once a week is barely enough, but none of us complain, and we all enjoy a brief period of socializing with each other - in Spanish of course! Improving my skills is having a good effect on my confidence, even if I have to resort to hand gestures and charades now and again. Bilingual? Probably not, but I am told if you can think in the other language, you are truly bilingual. I'll try for that.

My swimming skills are not changing much, but my confidence in the water is greatly improved. I am learning to trust the water, and even to enjoy the sensation of swimming (still with one noodle!). A life-long fear will be overcome if I can actually learn to swim. I am researching online, and have ordered a book which I will report on later. This is one item that has been on my bucket list for so long, it looks rusty!

Chris is keeping the grass and plants alive with minimal watering. Gardener Matt sent his concern about the palms and plants, advising to water. The gingers are all blooming like mad, and make an attractive display along with the bougainvilleas.

Red ginger

With no whales, we have turned our attention to the various ships that pass by - mostly cargo ships and some cruisers, and this past week, a lovely four-masted sailing ship (unfortunately not under sail as she passed).

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