Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Weekend

Another Saturday, and it is very quiet in the development. All activity ceased earlier than usual yesterday, as this is Easter weekend, and the crews are getting a long weekend holiday. It is very peaceful here when the machinery stops, the constant chatter from construction workers next door ceases, and there is just the wind, the sun, the occasional cloud, the birds, and our visiting cats.

Once, when I regularly attended my church, Easter was special. New outfits for the girls and me, and something fresh for my son. The church always looked amazing, and would I drink in the marvellous music and ambiance. Where we now live, my church does not appear to exist. There may be a version in Panama City, but here I see only the lovely little Catholic church and there are one or two evangelical churches. I began thinking of this while watching an inspiring version of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" as sung by a woman and girls choir on YouTube. It was very well done, and I have shared it on my FaceBook timeline. . We are invited to dine with John and Lynda tomorrow- ham and scalloped potatoes (a favourite of mine) - and will enjoy the company of other delightful folks from the development, no doubt. We will have a quiet weekend otherwise, enjoy the peace, and I will think back to earlier times with nostalgia.

Iglesia Catholique en Pedasi

Our weather has been humid to the point of discomfort. Until the rains start around the end of May, this is the pattern. Temperatures over 40 degrees C most days, high, high humidity and an impossibility of relief! We use our AC at night, fans turn all day, and windows are open. The pool feels cool in the afternoon despite a temperature of 30 or more degrees C. Cagney is shedding like mad; cat hair is decorating all flat surfaces, and floats in the air with the danger of an inbreath sucking some in! Mitzi is pure Panamanian - no apparent discomfort and as active as ever. Her main goals in life are to play, tease, startle and frolic. They both sleep half the day anyway.

Chris has five soccer games to watch today, and two more tomorrow, so he is quite contented. Our team, Arsenal, will be in the FA cup in England in mid-May. I will have to shut the blinds, turn off all phones, and go incognito that day! I will join him in the nail-biting, crossed fingers and toes position, and try to knit my way through the tension. My knitting is doing poorly the first part of this year. I am barely halfway up the back of the first sweater. The family can breathe sighs of relief that there will be little knitting to unwrap next Christmas! The problem is, Parker's sweater was at least one size too small, so I should knit for him again.

I have embarked on a new enterprise in network marketing. This is via a friend from Canada who is a delightful lady. Her son and mine played soccer together for a few years as teens, and her son was tragically killed at 19. He was a great kid, and the family pulled through the tragedy with spirit, grace, and strength. My son attended that funeral with a few pals, and they were devastated. I have kept in touch with Theresa, and  now she has me trying a product that shows enormous promise as an anti-aging formula (who, me?) plus an opportunity. So, Chris and I took each other's "before" photos today, and will use "skincerity" every night and record our experience. I have been very fortunate all my life to have moist skin, and now have a few, shallow wrinkles to mark the passage of my life. Other than my now grey hair, no-one guesses with ease what age I am - and I think I might like to keep it that way! It is a huge relief to not colour my hair every six weeks with the $100 cost. I am using Magic Rain every week to maintain that gorgeous silver shade; it's as good as being blonde, I hear!

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