Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Into the second month of 2014

January seemed such a long month, and usually by now, I am yearning for light! This will be the second winter we have missed and there isn't much to miss this year as the weather north of us  is truly dreadfully cold. Probably one of the worst for much of the United States in many years. Here, we are enjoying perpetual sunshine, but with no rain, the plants start to suffer, the grass is turning browner and duller, and eventually the cattle will suffer also. The latter troubles me greatly.

The small ladies group is talking about meeting regularly, at different homes each month and continuing our "girl talk and share". Corie is right in that this is a treat, quite unlike the old "stitch and bitch" I joined as a young mother, and with a very different purpose. We can be ourselves, talk about stuff the guys hate hearing, avoid dissing anyone, and laugh at whatever we like. Very relaxing and with a freedom I have never experienced before with female friends. When I did community theatre, I made some great friends, especially enjoying the gays I met, who were delightfully funny, campy, or just wonderful, caring people. I missed so many of those pals when I took on a new job and moved away.

Our new pool gets a daily workout! Chris is so loving this...and I am bravely learning to swim - finally! I still miss family loads, but keep myself busy enough to think on other things also. This morning I almost panicked when I glanced at the clock, realized it was 9:30 am and I would be late for the Spanish class if I didn't get my act in gear! I was almost out the door, when Chris said with a puzzled air, "Today is Tuesday, you know". Yup, I sometimes don't know the day, let alone the date.

In the evenings, we often search out a movie- old or new,  no matter - and last week we found "Parental Guidance" with Billy Crystal and Bette Midler as the grandparents, totally bewildered by how their daughter is raising the grand kids. Such a good laugh, with a moral that all us grandparents will understand! I am having a struggle to get our new Apple TV to work, to configure, or whatever it is supposed to do. I have been online, downloaded instructions, and still cannot make it work - so no Netflix yet. I am doomed!

A local entrepreneur and Realtor, Allison Dowdy, has been organizing and working hard at getting Neighbourhood Watch going here. We have one of her external alarms and are becoming involved. Crime is not a huge issue locally, but there is enough petty crime around the town that we need some more proactive prevention. The local polce detachment is also very small and poorly resourced. Allison is on it! She is especially targeting, but not exclusive to, the expat community. My son would be proud to find his mum knows those ropes! Through the years, he has kept me on my toes, for sure. Speaking of my toes, perhaps I will paint them today?

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