Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A quiet beginning

How much calmer this year has started - it's almost startling! Last week we entertained good pals Don and Connie along with John who was newly 'bachelorized' after Lynda left for work! John also leaves for Canada himself in about a week. The consistently great weather has meant more alfresco dining, and we use that outside table lots. Mid-week, we trotted over to Bill and MaryEllen's new house to pass judgement. They have put together an attractive place with ideal entertaining areas inside and out.Their pool and bohio aren't quite finished, and there is work to be done on the driveway and path, but they are in their house, and feeling so much better. ME loves to have folks to visit, so I am sure we will see more of them now.

At our house, Chris is in the pool every day, doing his mini-lengths, and building a little muscle. I admit to also loving the pool - it is the best way for a cool-down! I'm trying to contact gardener Matt to start planning for that back landscaping. Once done, the back forty will be an oasis of calm and relaxation. I hope.

Friday, we finally got our one year old fridge fixed. It required new wiring for the automatic defrost! Now to coast awhile with nothing wrong or needing to be fixed...famous last words again? I surely hope not. The cats are healthy and normally active, the visiting cats look sleek and well-fed now (Fredi may be in the famly way!), life seems to be moving along nicely. My Spanish lessons continue every Wednesday morning and I enjoy practicing when out in town. I try with Chris,but he usually responds with 'What's that?'

We are catching up on some excellent movies I missed over the past few years. We watched 'The Perfect Storm' last week. I knew it would be a sad ending and steeled myself, but cried anyway! I have always loved movies, am a movie trivia buff, and often watch a movie more than once. Netflix - bring it on!

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