Saturday, January 18, 2014

The pool is a delight!

We have spent every afternoon this past week, splashing, drifting, and cooling off in the pool. A little time in the sun afterwards, and we are almost dry. We follow this with a cool drink, and the day seems perfect! The pool looks super,the colour perfect, and in the evening, with the pool light on, the colour is a light aqua. Beautiful! Steve and company have done a marvellous job.

The weather is also marvellous. Days start with a wind that froths the sea and helps create enormous rollers - great surfing days. As the morning moves on, the wind grows lighter and picks up again around nightfall. Temperatures are in the 80's (fahrenheit), but the breeze keeps the air moving and this is very pleasant. Although the whales are long gone for now we sit on our front patio many afternoons and watch for ships, observe the pelican flights, and languish in the breeze. Sounds like paradise, right?

I continue with my spanish lessons which are now full immersion with occasional interruptions in English. We sometimes discuss our reactions to learning, and have all found that our listening is vastly improved and that we can generally read spanish quite well, but the composition of complete sentences is taking a bit longer ad we need the practice. All of us are much more confident talking to merchants, and of course, the folks here are so tolerant of our stumbling, and laugh with us, not at us! Mingling with the townfolks helps incredibly, even though they may pronounce many words differently to our teaching. Chris has almost given up, and relies on me too much. However, he can manage simple phrases and words, and manages to get the gas tank filled! With the correct fluid...

In her eleventh month, Mitzi shows no signs of slowing down, and we delight daily in her crazy antics. Her biggest pleasure other than the green ball and the candies, seems to be to chase us, or hide and jump out on us. A squeal of shock sends her skittering off with a sideways gait. Cagney plods through his day with occasional races and tussles with Mitzi. Both are eating well and are healthy. We still feed three or four homeless ginger cats. Fredi, the light ginger, is getting to be a big girl, Ginger and Luci are deep orange and white colouring, and Momcat shows up now and again for her dinner. We have seen Bigdaddy sometimes, but don't encourage him! Cagney and Mitzi observe their visits through the French doors with curiosity apparent on both sides of the glass.

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