Monday, January 13, 2014

The second year begins...

I have reached the point of completing the necessary year of documentation for my next book, and now need to finalize each chapter and edit before sending all the materials to the publisher. I think I will continue to blog- it has become a pleasure to look back on each week, to reflect on what has happened - or not - and to laugh over the mishaps, rejoice in the positives, and to share all this with you, Constant Reader!

The past week saw our pool painted a bold blue, enough to scorch your eyes. Actually, it is like a rich Mediterranean blue, and I bet it looks good once the water starts running in this afternoon. After that, several days to get warm enough for me, and we can use it! Pool accessories and nicer patio furniture are now on the 'I'd like' list. Then there still is the outhouse, and trees, and plants, and a slate patio, and, and, and ... we need that storage space so much. And Chris needs a cool spot to hang his hammock! 

I haven't ridden my new bike yet, as the tires are too soft, and we need to find a foot pump. Chris also wants to do something with the brakes; there are so many gears, I'll likely end up in reverse or going sideways like the crabs. I think it has been about 30 years since I last rode. OOPS! The roads are getting dusty like last year, so at least I won't come home covered with mud! Those were the days - scraped and scabby knees, oiled clothes from the chain, saddle-sore behind,  windswept hairdo, sometimes torn capris, and a tired but exhilarated feeling after a long ride. I loved my bike as a young teen. I even earned a 'cycling proficiency' certificate. Maybe, it is time to reclaim some of that?

Mitzi is back to fetching candies from the dish, and poor Cagney swelters with his heavy winter coat. He is a very patient cat, never whines, just seeks the coolest spots in the house - usually in front of or below a fan! They still play catch-me-if-you-can, and their energy levels beat mine to heck.

                                                    That green ball is still her favourite!

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