Sunday, February 9, 2014

The social whirl continues

This past week saw friendly activities...we were invited to spend some time with Brent and Lola at their home, and had a marvellous evening of talking, sharing, listening to tales, getting good advice, and sharing an excellent home-made pizza. These two have a lifetime of interesting experience to tell, and this get-together bears repeating! The next evening, we had invited Steve, Curtis and Flora for dinner, and this was again a great drinking and eating experience with lots of laughter, sharing of backgrounds, jokes, and we have made more friends. Curtis rents a house in Pedasi while working here and tires of restaurant eating, but instead of teasing him about cooking for himself, I will provide the occasional treat, and have him come over. Steve is able to go home to Coronado many weekends. He and Flora have invited us to visit them there, and I am keen to see these other areas.

Yesterday, we stopped by lot 60 to visit with Ralph and Geri who moved in last October. He had a difficult time because of a car accident soon after he arrived, and has not been around much; in fact he is still recuperating! They have built a unique home with lots of beautiful wood (local), the house being in the shape of a cross. It provides cross breezes, and views from almost every room. Geri looks forward to decorating and with her taste in deeper colours, the home will be interesting to visit.

I finally tried my new bike this past week - could have been a case of road rash, but I was so nervous, I didn't leave the lot! It has been a LONG time since last I rode a two wheeler, and it will take a little time for me to adjust. Chris had to get this fancy, shmancy thing with multiple gears (I only need one - forward),with no mudguards, no chain guard, and off-road tires! I see myself more on an adult tricycle with a little basket for my shopping. I could ride to town in stately fashion and avoid the ditches much better. Not to laugh, but fear is not my best friend!

On the subject of fear, now that we have the pool, it is time I learned to swim. I have carried a morbid fear of water all my life, and even when we had a pool some years back, I could not swim in it. So, here I am - in Panama, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, with my own pool, a supply of noodles, several swimsuits, and every opportunity to swim to my heart's content. So far, I have progressed to feet off the bottom, tightly wrapped around just one noodle, valiantly trying the breast stroke across the twelve feet of width, attempting to keep my face out of the water. I can do that now! Next up, try the eighteen feet of length, THEN no noodle. Baby steps, I matter how old you are, you can do  it, Iris! When we get ready for our afternoon of "swimming", Mitzi follows me to the bedroom, settles herself in the chair by the window, and likely laughs uproariously at me! At least Chris manages not to laugh.

Gardener Matt contacted me this past week - he hasn't fled the planet or anything bad, just been very busy in Florida! Anyway, we will discuss the development of our back forty when he is next here, and I really hope he can complete this for us this next rainy season. Privacy is the issue right now, and very little is needed to correct this. Our front is so thick with plants, it is unbelievable! Everything grew at least five times bigger with the rain. Living in the tropics is a real eye-opener.

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