Saturday, November 23, 2013

Just when I thought everything was getting better,...

Awake at 6 am, not much sun shining through the blinds, but the thought of a long pee beckoned me. I slid out of bed into a couple of inches of water. Groan! As I withdrew my feet from the cool, I wondered briefly if  the pool had overflowed...then really woke up, and realized the water was from inside the house. Not again! Yup...the toilet had overflowed sometime in the night, and of course our bed sits like an island in an ocean as the water silently flows around and along the hall. Chris started baling while I curled on the bed awhile trying to decide what next. I paddled off to the powder room for the necessary, and decided to make tea. How very British of me, I thought! When all about you is falling apart, make tea. My grandmother often said tea is the English answer to every crisis! Saw them all through the Blitz, didn't it?

Not the best way to start the weekend, but we broke off the swabbing and baling to have a hearty breakfast and Chris finished the job - as always. He complains very little these days, being so delighted to have his English football back with SKY TV! Arsenal is playing today, and even I will watch that one.

I seem to have finally recovered from the tainted lunch of two weeks ago, but Chris has had a much harder time of it. I collected some antibiotics and pedialyte from pharmacia Edith yesterday, and keep my fingers crossed that he will finally beat this. While in town, I took a second batch of Christmas cards to our little post office. I had been anticipating this with great relish as I expected a hissy fit or even a cardiac arrest from the usual lady in attendance if I presented more than one envelope! Admittedly, I was being very mean.

Pedasi's one room Post Office
Well, luckily for  her, the amiable senor was there the other day, and coped beautifully with seven cards to England. This time I had 24 cards for Canada. He just beamed at me, practiced his English while I practiced my Spanish and laughed heartily as I licked all those yucky stamps to return the envelopes to him for stamping. It's a bit of unnecessary drama as I groan, clutch my throat, gasp and demand agua! Senor and any other customers just laugh at me...After that bit of histrionics, I popped across the road to Super Centro de Pueblo for ginger ale for Chris. Music was playing as usual, and recognizing the tune, if not the words, I started doing the macarena to entertain the old ladies in the line-up. They loved it, nodding and laughing and egging me on! I guess I was feeling better alright.

The rest of the week was completely forgettable! Other than thinking about a dear friend in Canada who started chemotherapy this week, nothing remarkable happened. I've almost finished all plans for my trip home, and now need to finalize some shopping, organizing, baking (for Chris) and decorating the house a wee bit! I used to do a lot of decorating in Canada, but left most of those precious ornaments in storage for now, so will need a few baubles to make it look like Santa still knows where we are! This means a day trip to Chitre- oh, goody.

We are still awaiting dry season to start (very soon now) so the pool will get painted; we should save all this wasted water for it! Otherwise the weather is pleasant, my little cat friends still visit every evening while Mitzi and Cagney watch, we continue to read eagerly anything we can. Fortunately, Murray and Cathy from Canada (Oyama, BC) brought several books with them for their latest visit. I hope to collect a bunch more from daughter #2 while home, and will recompense her so she will keep saving them for me! I am sewing together the last two sweaters and I can hear them now: "Oh, God - who did Nana knit for this time?" I'm letting them know ahead of time, so they can prepare  to show happy faces of delight!

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