Saturday, November 30, 2013

Another typical week

Yet another week flew by. It must be true that as we get older, time passes more quickly! In two weeks I will be in Canada, with family and friends, the cold weather (snow or rain?) and immersed in the Christmas spirit. I love the traditions of Christmas, and in an effort to achieve a little here in Panama, I am decorating - just a little! The tree we had packed for over two years looks none the worse for wear. It is not pre-lit so an added chore there. We have put it in a corner in a possibly vain attempt to preserve my decorating efforts from the feline terrors. I spent the budgeted amount on decorations, plus an angel for the top, and a few lit items for the front garden. Total cost? $114.00...I will complete it on Sunday, the 1st of December, true to form and past tradition.

I think the highlight of this past week was our visit to the vet with both cats. Neither was very pleased about the car ride, and initially Cagney complied with his examination, his booster shots and a rabies injection. As for the oral medication - a fair amount landed on Dr Diaz' shirt, Chris, and down Cag's front. He went back in his car carrier with alacrity! Next was Mitzi...surprisingly calm for the examination and her rabies injection, but then came the nail clipping. We started with one towel wrapped around her, Dr Diaz clipped one nail, and as soon as he touched the second nail, up flew this snarling, spitting, clawing little demon, slashing the air and howling like a banshee! Three men and I all jumped back a few paces. Chris subdued her, and we re-wrapped the little vixen in two towels, very firmly, head covered and all. As Dr Diaz snipped, her other paw with claws extended would push out of the towel and slash at him. How she hates this ritual! The front claws done, we unwrapped her, comforted her, and re-placed her in her carrier. Everyone heaved a huge sigh of relief. Chris and I will be up for next month.

I had my group Spanish class on Wednesday - I really need to get more serious about this, as we are generally progressing quite well. Chris has dropped out. The owner of the Buena Vida School is Ingrid, an attractive young woman who speaks at the International Living Conferences held in Panama City from time to time. Our teacher Dania is excellent and very patient!

Our Thursday trip to Chitre was productive, and I spent exactly what I had budgeted, to my delight, so managed a new pair of sandals for myself. We ate light lunch at madisons coffee shop and enjoyed our day. Once used to the rhythm of life here, it is remarkably easy to negotiate and having more Spanish at our fingertips is truly useful. We had visits from friends Lolita and Robert on Friday, and from Paul  and MArilyn on Saturday, so the social whirl continues - at a slower pace! Paul and MArilyn's house next door is staring in earnest with foundations poured now, and the walls will start their climb up next week.

I sense the weather is beginning to change. The wind is coming from the north-east more often, and the rain is lessening. In the next week or two, we will be into dry season. Chris and I actually saw at least three whales some distance off shore a few days ago - no idea how they are still here. We thought they had all left!

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