Monday, November 18, 2013

A wasted week!

Solar flares, sun spots, annoyances! E-mail has been off and on all week, as has our new satellite receiver. My theory is the magnetic field of the Sun is still reversing so there is more of this to come.   Communications always go sideways when we least wish them to!
The past week was a waste anyway; from Sunday on Chris, Bill, and MaryEllen have all been very sick and I caught up with them on Tuesday.  We agree we ate the same lunch last Thursday, so we have food poisoning! Possibly salmonella. The water in Panama is considered ‘potable’ although Chris and I rarely drink water in restaurants. The issue seems to be there are many little fondas (in people’s homes) that serve delicious home-made foods for a low price, and they cook just enough to feed some breakfast and/or lunch trade. We ate at the end of the lunch hour, so there is no telling how long the food had sat. I requested part of mine be re-heated, and I did get a milder dose as a result, I think. I have not heard of this often, but it is worth being aware that this can happen. We happened to be out of Imodium so asked good friend Connie to pick us up something at the local pharmacy and to please find some adult diapers.
Having used ‘Depends’ in Canada when I was ill once, I thought something similar would exist here. What she found was truly disposable diapers for adults, size grande, which would likely fit a tall, portly gent. Picture putting a four year old’s diaper on a preemie, and you might get the idea! The little side tabs would barely stick, and once used were useless; the things were plastic lined, therefore sticky and hot; there was so much bulk, I looked like I had gained twenty pounds.  I laughed so hard, I almost had to replace mine right away! Chris was lucky and got to use up the last of the Depends. Dear Connie had no idea as this was what was available, but I plan to give her a gift of one! So the week went…
Our pool was finished in the midst of all this (I was past caring much of the week). Now for paint and we will be able to fill it. It looks excellent, even without water. From the reaction of several others, Steve may have some work ahead!

I was not successful in capturing any of the homeless cats to get their shots and pertinent surgery! MomCat is very wary, but comes first to our ‘Restaurante de Gatos’ each day. Freddy (all ginger colouring) is never far behind, and makes at least two forays into the dishes. The Ginger Twins (absolute carbon copies of deep ginger and white) approach later and even sometimes sit around after, visiting and grooming. It has been difficult to get photos, but I don’t give up easily! They let me talk through the window at them, but paranoia wins and if I stay too long, they hide until I’m gone.

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