Monday, August 5, 2013

Shenanigans with Mitzi!

Another week has flown by. I still often forget which day of the week I am experiencing! However, this past week had some memorable moments,courtesy of one crazy little cat! We booked Mitzi to be spayed on Wednesday, thinking we were part of the reduced cost spay/neuter clinic to be held in Pedasi with our vet performing the surgeries. Promptly at 8 am on Wednesday, Chris drove off to the vet's with Mitzi comfortably tucked in her carrier, despite having been denied any food or water for 12 hours. He left her after being told the office would call us when to pick her up.Our day dragged by as we fretted over how she was doing, and how the staff would manage this wild little miss. Finally, at 2:30 pm,we got the call to collect her at 3:30 pm. She arrived home sleepily peeking at us from her bed, and we placed her in her own favourite spot - and she immediately tried to jump out and go for food. I mean 'tried', as the result was a stagger in a diagonal across the floor, completely bypassing the food and almost falling into the water dish.She looked around in a bewildered manner, and off she staggered again, once more missing her target. I had to step in and try to help her eat. She really was not ready for anything except sleep and it  took a bit of convincing to get her back to her bed. More sleep improved her gait, and eventually she ate, drank and fell asleep again. This repeated until our bedtime, when more alert and apparently felling 'normal', Mitzi jumped on our bed to play. She slept well, but the next morning - oh, oh, only one suture left and a gaping space on her tummy.
Off to the vet! The ensuing hour was easily one of the most distressing times for Mitzi, me Chris, and the vet. This little creature fought, scratched and howled until finally sedated fully and Dr Diaz could resew her! Luckily, there has been no more self-administration, and she is healing with no slowing of her activity whatsoever.Whew! No-one will forget those two days! The cost was $70.00.

We spent a long time one day watching the many whales in the ocean. They are coming closer to shore now, and we see several blows, followed by some breaching and diving. This is such a joy to see. I am hopeful we will see them even closer soon. On the brighter days, there is a lot more activity and they appear to be playing. I have decided we need better binoculars - more power! Maybe Christmas?

All our planted trees and shrubs are doing very well. Rainy season is definitely the planting time as growth is fast and roots have time to set. Even though the pool looks like being a year or so away, we are eager to get started on the back landscaping. This has to wait while we settle more bills and collect some cash! As cash is preferred as a method of payment, this suits us as we can only buy what we can afford - no credit used.

The past weekend, we were out for dinner with good pals Don and Connie (she made a chicken curry that suited Chris!), and off to see Brent and Lola's place which is fairly new, has a small dipping pool and a low maintenance garden. Friendships are building, and the talk is always lively no matter who attends the get-togethers. The sharing of information abut Panama in general is very useful, and a recommended way to learn about Panama and it's idiosyncracies!

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