Monday, August 12, 2013

Another week in Paradise

My days are beginning to run together - no wonder I seldom know what day it is! If it wasn't for the dosette I use for my daily medications, I am sure I would forever lose track. If this is retirement / old age, so be it!

Rainy season certainly brings a mix of weather. We can have thunderous storms with heavy downpours, followed by bright sunshine and a nearly cloudless sky. It is confusing, and reminds me of living on the west coast of Canada - 'if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes' was our motto there. The past week was the usual mix with an absolutely beautiful Saturday with whales frolicking fairly near to shore. Sunday dawned with heavy rain.  Many new baby whales have been spotted in recent weeks, often very close to the beaches, with anxious mothers hanging back in deeper waters. Nothing can quite describe the wonder and sheer joy of seeing these behemoths as they breach and appear to play. I have done a little online research on the humpbacks and am pleased to note that they are protected in many areas. Panama has directed shipping to take a wide berth to avoid their mating and birthing grounds. As a result, we see fewer ships passing by. I'd much rather see the whales anyway!

Over the past two weeks, I have distributed a number of copies of my book around town. Each merchant was pleased to help and interested in what I had written. I get a reasonable author discount when I purchase so my royalties are higher with self-marketing. I wish I could do the same in Canada, but just getting the books there seems to be another insurmountable task! I have a few folks who would help if I can provide the books...

My use of Spanish is slowly increasing and I think I am better understood recently. My ear is sharp when it comes to languages, so perhaps I am beginning to pick up the nuances of local speech. I love the language and how it can roll off the tongue. It is so much easier to learn than English! My next step should be to take some night classes. However, that would lessen all the charades I presently perform! I am sure I look like a bit of a fool sometimes, but I carry on and we all laugh together. Now that we have been living here some nine months (unbelievable!), I find us more accepting of the little idiosyncracies, and more easily able to laugh at our expectations. Newcomers are refreshing in that they expect so much, and we hesitate to tell them they need to curtail their enthusiasm, because their attitudes are refreshing, and who are we to burst another's bubble? I retain my enthusiasm, but it is tempered with a large dose of reality, so I can shrug and say de nada or manana with the best of them!

We had another get-together with our pals yesterday. Lots of laughter - more than usual as Corrie and I played the fool for each other. These are good friends, and we feel very lucky to have met so many wonderful people here. I have never had such a diverse group to relate to, and it is most refreshing and fascinating. I am planning my own 'do' at the end of the month, and we have already decided we will play charades once everyone has had a few drinks! Photos will be taken!

The cats continue to thrive - Mitzi had her sutures removed today with no fuss! She is not fond of being closed up in the carrier, but tolerates her situation much more quietly. Cagney is a tad lazier than he used to be, but deigns to chase Mitzi and play when it suits him. Both are affectionate, eat well, have normal poops, and their coats are healthy. Thank goodness! Chris frets a bit when he feels the need to 'do something' and has taken to weed-whacking the lawn with gusto. He washes the windows, washes / vacuums the floors, occasionally washes the car, then collapses for a nap, or reads by the hour. Not all in one day, mind you!
I think he too is enjoying the role of retiree! I keep up with the blog, check for online orders for Lewis Pet Supplies, check and answer email, knit, walk, read, and watch Big Bang Theory or a movie now and then. Life is good...

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