Sunday, August 18, 2013

A normal week, for us

The past week began with a slightly dreaded trip to the vet to have Mitzi's sutures removed. Miracle of miracles, no fuss, just a few snips and she was done! She is certainly not fond of the ride in the car right now, but was comfortable with 'Dr. Joe' examining her this time. Nothing to go in her mouth, so I suppose all was copacetic. Afterwards,I delivered the last of my little cache of books to two more locations; once more I was well received, so now I wait to see the results. While at 'Casa de Campo' the B & B I stayed almost two years ago, I met Justin and Robin, and their boys Parker (10) and Barrett (8) from Texas. They have bought lot 68 and plan to build early next year. They are a relatively young and active family who hope to be here on a more permanent basis in about 10 years. Wise of them to begin earlier in life than we did!

As Tuesday dawned bright and sunny, we took a very long walk on Playa Arenal. We hadn't planned to walk so long but the day was too perfect and we were watching for whales, so it was over an hour and a half when we returned to the car. We were saved from a cervesa and papas fritas as the cantina was closed. Double darn!
Isla Iguana from Playa Arenal

Chris walks the beach

Wednesday afternoon, pals Bill and MaryEllen drove us to Las Tablas and after a circuitous route found their favourite pizza palace. For less than $15.00 we shared a huge familiar pizza and 6 beers. All in a little hideaway off the main streets, on a narrow and winding road with barely room for the cars to pass.It was the best pizza we have had in Panama! Bill cannot describe how he gets there, the streets have no names! I'll never remember the turns, so we may have to beg for another visit with them. We met up with them again this afternoon as we all trotted to Don and Connie's for afternoon wings, vodka, salad bits and cheesy bread. I did a Betty Crocker this time and took carrot cake.  I am only Martha when I bake bread; at other times I am Duncan Hines...

While enjoying our customary happy hour yesterday, two tanned, fit-looking 'youngsters' cycled by and stopped to say hello when they spied our Canadian flag. Several beers and a few hours later, we bade farewell to another pair of Canadians planning to become expats. Stan and Val have bought lot 25 and will build starting in January if they can get their plans and a contractor lined up. Incredibly, Stan's mother lived in the same little suburban London parish as me in England! Val is originally Scottish (like my grandmother) and they both now live north of Los Angeles on acreage with horses. Small world! Hopefully, we'll treat them to a Panama meal, home style before they leave.

The whales continue to entertain...we saw at least 20 blows while sipping our whiskies this afternoon. It never grows dull!

Mitzi at 6 months

Cagney in a grooming mood

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