Sunday, July 28, 2013

Storms at sea

There are thunderstorms every night over the Pacific, with lightning all around. No need for electricity at those times! Rumblings continue much of the day, then the sun will break through late morning or mid-afternoon and the day ends brightly. The humidity can be brutal some of the less breezy days, but overall the temperature is a tad lower than dry season. All grass, shrubs, trees are putting out new growth and greening nicely. This is the time for growth, less flowering, and it's almost as though you can watch plants grow if you sit still! Our landscaping is surviving well, no losses yet. I love sitting underneath those big palms, watching for whale blows and dolphin antics. Some friends have started to join us occasionally, along with their binoculars, and we vie to see who sees the first action.
We will be off to enjoy a convivial afternoon at neighbour Pierre's today - gardener Kippy is hosting a 'tuna bake', and I have made a pineapple upside-down cake to share, using a fresh pineapple from the veggie truck. Hopefully, it will not fall apart!

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