Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My trip 'home' and back

Tiring travelling in both directions but rewarding! I met lots with family who entertained me well, and we shared some laughs about our situation. I saw a few friends and got lots of appointments completed. Health-wise I am hunky dory! Leaving was tough once more, but I'll get back to see everyone soon. The weather up north started sunny and cool, progressed through torrential downpours and thunderstorms to hot and glorious for the July 1st long weekend. Gardens were bright with colour, hanging baskets blooming, and everyone was cutting their grass twice weekly! My son says his neighbour is 'power washing his lawn today', and now he has seen everything in lawn care. Wonder if that could start a trend?

Returning to Panama, I found our front garden completed but for the laying of the sod. It looks marvellous  -such an improvement over the weeds and mud - and compliments are flowing in. Many thanks to Matt and crew for such a great job! We have coconut palms, lemon grass, bougainvillea, torch ginger, star jasmine, lilies and petria. Some I have no idea of, and their blooms will be a surprise. We added a small slate patio and spend 'Happy Hour" there watching for whales with our drinks. By the way, the whales returned for their annual visit while I was away, and although the stay some distance from shore right now, we see them spout, and rise for air. I am waiting to see one breach! Inside, our dining set is looking perfect for the space, and we have added a leather-like swivel recliner for the occasional nap.

Mitzi and Cagney managed well without me! She has grown a little and weighs 5 whole lbs. Her antics have not slowed a jot, and she continues with her manic moments. Her 3rd set of immunizations were last week and the now usual fight for the oral medication took place. It was a lark! Cagney is turning more silver in colour (as he is a Silver Norwegian, it is about time!) and looking magnificent. Neither are too fond of the latest thunderstorms which pass overhead and can be deafening. Marvellous nature but a bit intimidating!

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